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Gravitational Control - EM Drive - How It Really Works - A Preliminary Explanation (Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster)

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Posted by Nassim Haramein on Thursday, April 30, 2015
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(keep in mind this post is preliminary, early, speculative thoughts on how EM drive actually works based upon a unified physics approach)

Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster

additional prerequisite reading:

The theory behind EM drive can be understood by reviewing Nassim Haramein's work.  These Google+ links point to the papers at, specifically

Besides the papers, many of Nassim's videos also explain the fundamental concepts underlying the theory behind the EM drive.

So, for the layman and expert alike, it goes something like this: 

EM Drive Theoretical Description
To get gravitational control, or gravitational thrust, one can see from studies of the dynamics at the inside /  outside interface of a black hole event horizon, that there is a relationship between an electromagnetic field and a local gravitational field.  While this black hole setup is quite an unusual and exotic one, it is still instructive to understand the dynamics behind the gravity to electromagnetic field relationship. 
Due to the moving of matter that has charge, the fluid-dynamic like analysis of charged matter flow results in a cross-product solution to the relationship between the local gravity, it's angular velocity,  and  the resultant magnetic field is similar[1] to the solutions to Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic fields.
[1] Maxwell's equations are linear and superposition holds, however, Einstein's equations are non-linear.  Simplified, symmetrical boundary conditions of Einstein's field equations allow for simpler solutions, however, these simpler solutions do not fully model Nature correctly.
This analogy has been known for a long time (mass flow dynamics producing these relationships between gravity and magnetic field), and are impractical for real use applications, however, it points out it is possible.
Now, combine that theoretical analysis with the results from the gravity Probe-B experiment. Gravity probe-B proved Einstein's field equations (EFE) with respect to frame dragging actually proves gravitomagnetism. These phenomena were mentioned and linked in previous posts, and once clearly understood, we can now next move on to a possible explanation of exactly how the effect can be achieved here on Earth with a practical device. 
 So, now, here is how it works. First, one must understand the nature of the fabric of spacetime (a super-fluid like dynamic plasma?).  I'll do my best to explain it, and Nassim's material simply explains it much better and more clearly than I am, however, I want to get to the essence of the phenomena so one can see just how simple it is:
  1.  Understand PSU (Planck Spherical Unit) spacetime quantum fluctuation vacuum energy density dynamic - the quantum foam ocean we've blogged about
  2.  Understand the fully balanced IVM (isometric vector matrix) of the quantum PSU
  3.  Understand that matter is a disturbance or vibration or vortex in the actual quantum vacuum energy fluctuation dynamic (fabric of spacetime - a super-fliud like plasma). Light or EM radiation is a speed of light "c" vibration in the fabric of spacetime (this model also allows visualization of what is causing limitations or push back when an object or piece of matter (fermion) is accelerated towards light speed. (or simply as more and more energy is pumped into an object, the larger its vortex in the fabric of spacetime, thus more massive the object is, so it's more like drag than pushback, however, for every action there is an equal and opposite action)
  4.  A dual-toroidal dynamic in the fabric of spacetime when pumped with enough electromagnetic energy EM plasma (I don't know if a circular vessel of high speed rotating mercury is required, simply I believe it is an EM plasma) can create a similar gravitational-electromagnetic effect as the blackhole event horizon
Now, this EM plasma can be created in different ways.  A simple way is to create a rotating magnetic field as is already done with electric motors, however, an electric turbine (without a physical rotor, but an EM plasma rotor) is needed, like a DC brushless motor driver waveform can create a rotating magnetic field in the correct structure when driven with the correct phase.

So, now, imagine creating a dual-toroidal plasma vortex where one pumps a huge amount of energy into the rotating plasma.  The driving method to create the rotating field can then be modulated to create slight imbalances or symmetry breaking - symmetry breaking when considering that the IVM is the only VM that can fulfil Newton's for every action there is an equal and opposite action. So, by driving the phases properly, one can establish an gravito-electromagnetic thrust that when mounted properly to an airframe and vector direct it to any direction desired. The whole idea is to create an intense EM disturbance, a coherent type toroidal disturbance in the fabric of spacetime and then use it to produce thrust.

The effect, once properly understood and implemented in parallel with a vacuum energy extraction or resonator device to power the whole thing (unless simply getting a vortex started taps into the vacuum energy), likely has immense capabilities,  This is speculation in a theoretical based attempt in the framework of the unified physics to describe some new phenomena that mainstream science is incapable of explaining.

So, basically, a dual-toroidal vortex in the fabric of spacetime can be thought of as analogous (and remember analogies quickly fail) to creating a vortex in the ocean and then a slight imbalance in a thrust-vector fin directs thrust one way or another and propels one forward. (the coupling to the ship would be via mechanically connected electromagnetic forces that are themselves coupled to the local gravitational field. However, it is easier to think of it like pushing off of the super-fluid fabric of spacetime if one puts enough energy into it at the correct symmetry-breaking phase.

The purpose of the toroidal vortex is to use the energetic disturbance in the fabric of spacetime to slightly warp space or break some symmetry to create directional thrust.  Unknown navigation equipment required, however, it is likely a mind link interface.

This is all guess work based upon my understanding of the unified physics, so it is so very prelimary, it could be wrong, however, based in the unified theory, it makes sense and can be rethought unti it makes perfect sense.  And if this is way to far off, I will likely delete it all...

Besides the CERN bowl magnet method (see a previous post - plasma-link-between-local-gravitational),
& related:

The Primer Fields Part 1

there are Nassim Haramein's patents that have a device for performing these kinds of experiments:

I know NASA is talking about an EM horn type antenna thruster, however, the efficiency of this is very low.  Much higher effect is required, thus, the proper resonance pattern with the vacuum of spacetime is required.

Other references (based on vacuum density fluctuation interaction as well):
  1.  Brady, David A.; White, Harold G.; March, Paul; Lawrence, James T.; Davies, Franck J. (30 July 2014).Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum. 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauticsdoi:10.2514/6.2014-4029. Retrieved 31 July 2014Lay summary (PDF) – NASA(30 July 2014).
It looks like it's time for some lab work...

... like is happening here:
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    This is very speculative stuff and would be more refined if there were more people involved in the study and development of the unified physics to bounce ideas off of....

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  4. added some additional references on quantum vacuum plasma thrusters. Note the detractors (any HOW they will have a time cleaning up their internet presence):
    A number of notable physicists have found the Q-thruster concept to be implausible. For example, mathematical physicist John Baez has criticized the reference to "quantum vacuum virtual plasma" noting that: "There's no such thing as 'virtual plasma' ".[11] Noted Caltech theoretical physicist Sean M. Carroll has also affirmed this statement, writing "[t]here is no such thing as a ‘quantum vacuum virtual plasma,’...".[12] In addition, Lafleur found that quantum field theory predicts no net force, implying that the measured thrusts are unlikely to be due to quantum effects. However, Lafleur noted that this conclusion was based on the assumption that the electric and magnetic fields were homogeneous, whereas certain theories posit a small net force in inhomogeneous vacuums.[13]

  5. I don't call it a virtual plasma, I call it a super-fluid like fabric of spacetime! There is nothing virtual about it at all!!! D=6M/(piL^3)=T.

  6. I do want to note some of these mainstream physicists have ignored others who have been posting them and telling them new information. I understand that they have to deal with many many pet theories, however, there is a difference between a pet theory and a true win/win collaborator.

  7. And, clearly the mainstrean doesn't understand and are scrambling. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad how many minds they are wasting, how many resources they are wasting, and how much time they are delaying real solutions.

    Real solutions are presently being created at RPF and many other institutions throughout the world.

    "Progress cannot be stopped, resistance if futile." - Borg9

  8. added <-- open source, very good stuff!!! I heard Keshe speak via Skype at Survival of Humanity Conf, LA, 2015.

  9. This is impulse drive, and hints of warp drive.

  10. added: [1] Maxwell's equations are linear and superposition holds, however, Einstein's equations are non-linear. Simplified, symmetrical boundary conditions of Einstein's field equations allow for simpler solutions, however, these simpler solutions do not fully model Nature correctly.

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