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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Putting Numbers to the Equations, D-M-T

D is the Density of the Vacuum of Space and it is one Planck Mass (M) in a spherical volume of diameter one Planck Length (L).

$$D={6 \over \pi} {M \over L^3}=T$$
$M=2.1765113 \times 10^-8$ kg  (Planck Mass)
$L=1.61619997 \times 10^-35$ m (Planck Length)

Google Calculator (6/pi)*M/(L)^3  <-- link to Google Calculator

D = 9.8463897 10^96 kg/m^3= T

1 cubic centimeter of the vacuum of space is about 38 to 39 to 40 orders greater mass than the entire observable universe, depending on how you consider what's included in observable.

This, combined with all of the wormhole talk and black hole physics and dynamics, all of that science applies to us - As above, so below.  We are living in the present, and an ever moving event horizon.  It is directional, has a past and a future.  It means all is possible.

A link to an article sbout treating spacetime as a superfluid:

For completeness, here is some of what the mainstream has to say about the vacuum energy:

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