Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Razor's Edge - The Muonic Hydrogen Proton Radius in Denominator for $\mu$ - Proton / Electron Mass Ratio!!!

It is very significant to note that the EXACT muonic proton radius from 2010 & 2013 is needed in the equation for $\mu$, the proton to electron mass ratio, and the Planck mass to proton mass ratio (Haramein's equation).

$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$

$\mu$ is a dimensionless ratio and is an importantly noted significant physical constant.

Google Calculator Link Using Built-in Constants and Haramein's proton equation:*(planck+length)*sqrt(hbar*c%2FG)%2Fm_p%3D&oq=(fine&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j69i59l3.7597j0j8&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8

Exactly how significant????  It is like a razor, in the denominator.  If $r_p$ is off by 4%, then $1836.15267\dots$ is off by nearly 4%, ${1\over{1-x}}\approx{1+x}$.

While the mainstream physics community waits for the new experiments, we can simply review these equations from this post: and see that the measurements REQUIRE the proton radius to be the muonic radius from 2010 & 2013 to make the $\mu=1836.15267$ be right on (as well as make Haramein's equation correct in its prediction of the muonic proton radius).

This is serious stuff.  It's time to move forward and see where this takes us rather than wait another few decades on the lamestream...

$\pi r_p = Arc\;Length$, this also is significant to note.  When angles are measured in radians ($2\pi\;radians = 360\;degrees$), the arc length subtended by a radius is simply the product of the radius and the angle.  Could this be the Arc of the Covenant knowledge required to tap into energy of the vacuum?

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