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(Ionized) Hydrogen Radii I, II, III, Using Google Calculator

Signed Jeanie bottle 2011 (signed by Barbara Eden and the late Larry Hagman)

Dan Winter's amazing breakthrough work / equation is of the form:

$$Radii\;or\;Wavelength = \ell \times \phi^n = L \times \Phi^N $$
$\ell = L= Planck\;Length$
$\phi = \Phi= Golden\;Ratio$
$n= N \in Integers$

Here is using the google calculator in Chrome to calculate ionized hydrogen radii I, II, III:

Radii I    = $\ell \phi^{116}=$ 0.282527789Γ…
Radii II   = $\ell \phi^{117}=$ 0.457139566Γ…
Radii III  = $\ell \phi^{118}=$ 0.739667355Γ…

$\ell = L = Planck\;Length = 1.61619926 \times 10^{-35}meters$
$\phi =\Phi = Golden\;Ratio = $ 1.61803398875

Google Calculator Links for Ionized Hydrogen Radii:

Where does this equation come from?  From the mind of a genius, Dan Winter.  Upon further analysis, since things in Nature unfold from an embedded fractal of the golden mean ratio, $\Phi$, it is clear Dan is on the right path, AND THE ONLY PATH to function coherently with and within Nature.

Here is a link to a PDF paper on the ionized hydrogen radii (I, II, and III):

This next comment requires further evaluation, however, it looks like Dan's equation IS the one key solution to Dirac's equation that allows for gravity, life, etc.  Dirac's equation is a relativistic form of the Schrodinger wave equation.  These are key quantum mechanical equations that explain information about matter on very small scales, and in some limit or another will approach macroscopic behavior.  This is significant key work Dan has been doing and it will soon be linked to mainstream science, if this step has not already done so.  A few more hours to review....

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