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Saturday, June 20, 2015

MpRp=4LM=ReMe - Source of Mass of Matter

"No Higgs Boson Required?", puzzles Bozon T. Clown.
This is PROOF to the solution of the proton radius puzzle.
Also proof of Dan Winter's Phase-Conjugate work: MpRp=4LM=MeRe 
Represents a conjugate pair using Maxwell's Equations with EFE, etc.
This is the complete solution for both the proton and the electron using Schrรถdinger's wave equation.
Bozo says: "Send in The Duck! I want to talk to The Duck!!!"
$MpRp=4LM=ReMe$ clearly defines the mass relationships between the electron and the proton in terms of fundamental units, formulations, constants, and measured constants, all consistent with mainstream work.
Three Magic Ratios
From this relationship come $\mu$, the proton to electron mass ratio:$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$
& Planck Mass to Electron Mass Ratio:
$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}={r_e\over 4\ell}={{\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$
& Planck Mass to Proton  Mass Ratio:
$$\varphi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}={r_p\over 4\ell}=1.30125608e+19$$
You see, 
It's a mathematical tautology.

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Analytical equations for these relationships have been looked for for a long time. Using Haramein's work, these simple equations result, or if one guesses the relationships, Haramein's equations result.
$\alpha=$ fine-structure constant
$\ell=$ Planck $\ell$ength
$r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_{\infty}}$
$r_p=$ proton radius, 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen proton radius
$R_H, R_{\infty}$ is Rydberg constant
$\pi\;is$ good.
(gravito-magnetics spawns from this work, this first ToE)
What you do is simultaneously solve Schrodinger's equation for the proton and electron, take the proton/electron mass ratio and then all you need is the Planck/electron mass ratio or the Planck/proton mass ratio, and that's what Nassim Haramein produced, the proton radius. It was a key thing needed to complete the 3 magic numbers. (and the Rydberg equation for the electron, and Nassim's equation for the proton radius so I could determine Re with Lyz's proposal on the electron  and one needs to know what to use for V(r)  ;-)   )
The next logical step: 

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