Wednesday, June 24, 2015

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The Age of Aquarius...
. the simultaneous solution to the set of Schrodingers wave equations for *BOTH* the *proton* and *electron*.
The solution to this problem gives you three magic numbers: 
$$proton\;mass \over electron\;mass$$
$$Planck\;mass \over electron\;mass$$
$$Planck\;mass \over proton\;mass$$
$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}$$
$$\phi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$m_e=$ mass of electron
$m_{\ell}=$ Planck mass
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  1. Nassim Haramein provided the Planck Mass divided by the proton mass.

  2. Thank you Nassim and the experiments to prove Nassim Haramein's proton solution, with no competing interest. Nassim Haramein, by himself. Thank you Nassim!

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  4. The key is to know how to pick V(r) and that is what Lyz Starwalker brought to the game. So, this proves Nassim Haramein's proton equation IS correct.

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  8. This method of solution relates the constants of fundamental physics to these fundamental constants: Mp/Me, Ml/Me, Ml/Mp
    Mp=proton Mass
    Me=electron Mass
    Ml=Planck Mass

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  15. correlation does not imply causation


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