Thursday, June 11, 2015

Proton Antiproton - Balance - Bayron Asymmetry

Why does it seem like there is a baryon asymmetry?

This is due to a perception problem. Not only are we unaware of more than 24%, no 76%, no 99.999999999...% of the matter and energy in the universe, we are unaware of our own limited perception and belief systems.  Even if one is aware of these limitations, then how does one perceive that which one does not have senses?

Every concept is part of a belief system, a summation of ALL that we have been taught, boiled, and stewed in.  All is up for re-evaluation. An accounting MUST be made, a TOTAL accounting... a revisiting to the foundations, the founding assumptions.

Donald Hoffman: Do we see reality as it is?

The reality is something like this:

$state(n) \in [\dots,n-1,n,n+1,\dots]$

$state(n) \in \langle\dots |(n-1)|(n)|(n+1)|\dots\rangle$

proton - antiproton - proton - antiproton - proton $\dots$

$p^+\rightarrow {\bar p}^+\rightarrow p^+\rightarrow {\bar p}^+\rightarrow p^+ \dots$

The proton is vibrating into and out of the vacuum.  A Feynman diagram of this would borrow some energy for the creation of an antiproton which annihilates the proton and uses part of the resultant energy to repay the borrowed energy and the remainder to recreate the proton.

This is a proton operated upon by an annihilation operator followed by a creation operator (standard QFT concepts).  The borrowed energy for the antiproton can be considered traveling back in time to be present when needed.

Anyway, this is simple possibilities of how reality truly is.  There is no reason to be stuck in a belief system of others TELLING you what their reality is, especially when it comes to important things, such as life, Nature, science, etc.  

The technology speaks for itself.

So, one can see that within the immense density of the vacuum of spacetime there are equal amounts of matter and antimatter, as expected.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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