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Fractal University Online -with Dan Winter- - is BACK for 2018!

Dan Winter

Fractal University Online -with Dan Winter- - is BACK for 2018! - -"The most amazing online University has a new program for 2018! We are going to realize interconnectivity, on even...

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Dragon Art

Saskia Waheina

The Sacred Dragon The Sacred Dragon are benevolent and fully conscious beings. These do indeed exist, and have existed on the planet long before humanity. They possess supreme divine intelligence...

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Cork On A Fork Award

Twitter Test (tweeter feeder stopped working - typo introduced, lolz

Tweets with replies by ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿคน‍♂️๐Ÿฆ (@AZGreenBelt) | Twitter

The latest Tweets and replies from ๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿคน‍♂️๐Ÿฆ (@AZGreenBelt). Green, in the Hermetic tradition, is the intuition, bridging the physical, emotional, mental to the spiritual. AZ Green Belt

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Phx Mark ER It was Mahatma Ghandi who said "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members."...

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Boris & Natasha & Putin!!!


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Russia, Russia, Russia (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!!) . . . Marco! _ - _ - _ - _ ...---... Polo Version #1


#WWE Muller Arrrests Russian Wrastlerz!!!  Kek, lolz, etc.



Gravity from Electricity - A Diversion from #3

Gravitational field[edit]

The gravitational field is a vector field that describes the gravitational force which would be applied on an object in any given point in space, per unit mass. It is actually equal to the gravitational acceleration at that point.
It is a generalisation of the vector form, which becomes particularly useful if more than 2 objects are involved (such as a rocket between the Earth and the Moon). For 2 objects (e.g. object 2 is a rocket, object 1 the Earth), we simply write r instead of r12 and m instead of m2 and define the gravitational field g(r) as:
so that we can write:
This formulation is dependent on the objects causing the field. The field has units of acceleration; in SI, this is m/s2.
Gravitational fields are also conservative; that is, the work done by gravity from one position to another is path-independent. This has the consequence that there exists a gravitational potential field V(r) such that
If m1 is a point mass or the mass of a sphere with homogeneous mass distribution, the force field g(r) outside the sphere is isotropic, i.e., depends only on the distance r from the center of the sphere. In that case
the gravitational field is on, inside and outside of symmetric masses.
As per Gauss Law, field in a symmetric body can be found by the mathematical equation:
where  is a closed surface and  is the mass enclosed by the surface.
Hence, for a hollow sphere of radius  and total mass ,
For a uniform solid sphere of radius  and total mass ,

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I AM what I AM.


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Q The Juggler

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Obama's #BootClub @MistaBRONCO #ObamaPortrait


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Latest INTEL:

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Gravity 101 Post #3-Preview

The problem becomes calculating the net force between two shells of negative charge  ($Q_{1{}-},Q_{2{}-}$), of radii $r_r, r_2$,  separated by a distance $R_{12}$ and two positive point charges ($Q_{1{}+},Q_{2{}+}$). (positive and negative are bound, )***

Since $M_1\gg M_2$ and $r_1\gg r_2$, the polarity of the larger object is positive, and the net polarity of the smaller object is negative, thus overall attractive force, like gravity.  Next, in this final post, The Surfer will quantify these details and show how gravity is an indirect (actually quite direct) electromagnetic phenomena.** (in far field.  Will be presenting Maxwell's equations for the near, intermediate, and far fields showing exactly and approximations.

The larger mass has a net positive charge in the far field because the electron clouds because there is a finite probability that the electron cloud is on average farther away wrt to a far field observer - the electron shell , at least a half hemisphere is farther away than the central positive charge, thus, the electron cloud does not shield 100% the positive charge- by shield I mean cancel exactly.  While the net charge is zero, there are residual forces, whose sum is zero.  And the smaller mass has its electrons pulled slightly closer to the larger mass due to the net positive charge... much like the polar water molecule, yet more symmetric - average shield probabilities may result in a clean G derivation... TBD.

If this doesn't match Nature, the next approach will be to ratio the surface and equatorial cross-sectional areas and compare to data.

**WIP - these concepts are yet to be correlated with measurement nor peer reviewed - speculative at this point...  compared to data after final derivation...
Crash and burn time again???
0 in 2, how about 0 in 3?

***key concept is the dynamic of the electrons blinking in and out of existence, there is a finite time when they disappear into the event horizon only to re-appear.  Similarly, the proton is doing the same thing.  (speculative, check math)

The Surfer, OM-IV

Derivation of Gravity From (Four Force Field gravity, EM, weak, strong) First Principles, EM Theory (One Field - OF), and Fundamental Constants and Units #2 (static analysis - dynamic analysis to follow)

By inspection of equating the two force terms:
$$G=k_e{Q_1\over M_1}{Q_2\over M_2}$$
To the zeroth (0th) order, ordinary matter is neutral, every proton's plus+ charge is balanced with a negative charge.

Since we are initially discussing an equilibrium (static), balanced, Nature, to the zeroth Order, ${Q\over M}=0$, thus, no effect.  We won't bother into going into a charged ball or point, since that is well covered in the literature.  However, where we push forward is by taking it to the next level - adding a dimension to the problem:

1st Order, ${Q\over M}\neq0$, Residual non-neutralized charge per mass ratio, ${Q\over M}\neq0$

Solution:  treat each mass, $M_1 \& M_2$ as a black hole, concentrate the positive charge on the interior of the black hole, and the negative charge on the exterior.  Then, it can easily be seen that this arrangement agrees with Nature, as the negative and positive charges do not occupy the same space/place.

The next step is to calculate the effective residual charge.  This is done using Haremein-Rauscher solution to Einstein's GR (adds torque, coriolis, for a thrid solution after the Schwarzschild radius, and the spin/charge solution of the 60s.

We have shown previously that Haramein's geometric-informetric approach agrees with GR:
$$r_s=r_h={2Gm\over c^2}$$
So, now we have the equation to use to calculate the radius of our negative shell of elctrons that are RIGHT at the event horizon.  The protons, the plus charge, are all at the center of the black hole.  So, now, we can determine the residual force due to the fact that the protons and electrons do not cancel each other out 100% EVEN in the far field.

Next. post #3 in this series, The Far Field!!!

The Surfer is at home in the Far Field.

The Surfer, OM-IV

Derivation of Gravity From (Four Force Field gravity, EM, weak, strong) First Principles, EM Theory (One Field - OF), and Fundamental Constants and Units #1 (static analysis - dynamic analysis to follow)

 (part #1 of a 2-3-4-5 post series to completely define granvity, and reduce the 4 fundamental forces to One)
(Four Fields: gravity, EM, weak, strong) <=> (One Field: EM)

It is clear that Newton's law of universal gravitation can be derived in a limit of Einstein's General Relativity (GR):
$$F_{12}=G{M_1M_2\over R_{12}^2}$$
which is exactly the same form as the electro-static forced between two charges:
$$F_{12}=k_e{Q_1Q_2\over R_{12}^2}$$

Charge Neutrality: Sum of All Charges Equal Zero

It can also be simply and clearly shown that the force of gravity (statics, in equilibriaum, dynamics next!) is a residual electrostatic force - due to the unbalanced charge of each mass BECAUSE THE PROTONS AND ELECTONS (+ and -) charges cannot occupy the same space thus the + and - charges are not 100% neutralized.

G will be derived and $F_{12}=G{M_1M_2\over R_{12}^2}$ from $F_{12}=k_e{Q_1Q_2\over R_{12}^2}$

Since we have already derived the mass-charge equivalency, The Surfer will finish this in #2 posts, or will it be three?

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Papers to be published - support the Drafts!!! on

Polynomial Value(Linked):

June 2014 - Post 2010 & 2013 Muonic Hydrogen proton Radius Puzzle Era

I've had the 4th Order 7D Polynomial for over a quarter century now, (25+ years), waiting for the data...  Science requires DATA to back up predictions from the theory, and the One Polynomial:

$$1\equiv F\left(x_0,x_1,x_2,x_3,x_4,x_5,x_6,...,x_n, x_{n+1}\right)\equiv F\left(1, \pi, c,h,\epsilon_0,R_H,r_p, m_p, m_e, etc...\right)$$*
* these coeficients are raised to various different powers, from 0 up to 4, thus 4th Order.

The One Equation to Bind Them All:  $1, \pi, c, h, \epsilon_0,R_H,r_p, m_p, m_e, \alpha, z_{oinks}$  <~~~ Some nice early slides we did

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

There's a whole lot more to it than just equations...

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President Ronald Reagan's ๐Ÿ•ฏ️107๐ŸŽ‚ Birthday Anniversary


February 6, 1911 - February 6, 2018 = 107 years


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