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Derivation MpRp=4LM #5

This Equation is (9) on page 274 (which is page 5) of Nassim's paper Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, black hole mass in terms of R, $\eta$, and Planck mass $m_l$:
$$m_h={R \over \eta} \times m_l$$

$m_h=$mass of black hole
$m_l=$Planck mass

$R=V_S/V_l =$ geometric arguments - LARGE NUMBER RATIO!!!
  $V_S={4 \over 3} \pi  r_s^3=$ Volume of black hole
  $V_l={4 \over 3} \pi  r_l^3=$ Volume of Planck Spherical Unit (PSU)
    $r_s=$ Schwarzschild radius
    $r_l={l \over 2}$ Planck Length divided by to for radius of PSU
      $l=$Planck length

$\eta=A_S/A_l =$ informational arguements - LARGE NUMBER RATIO!!!
  $A_S=4 \pi r^2=$ Surface Area of black hole
  $A_l=4 \pi r_l^2=$ Equitorial cross-sectional Area of Planck Spherical Unit (PSU)

From this, we can use $T={m_l \over V_l}$ from The Derivation of MpRp=4LM #3.

If we re-write $m_h={R \over \eta} \times m_l$ using $T={m_l \over V_l}$, we can see that The Surfer's attempt in part #4 is part of this equation, so let's re-write it substituting T for $m_l \over V_l$:

$$m_h={R \over \eta} \times m_l$$
$$m_h={V_S \over \eta} \times T$$

This is the SAME equation The Surfer came up with in part #4, however, with the addition of this $\eta$ term. A little clean up work on that to better see it: in part #4 The Surfer was using the simple concept of the total mass of an object is the density of the matter of the object times the volume of the object. Density is mass/volume, so mass/volume times volume is mass, so, it is simply definitions.

So, now we can see why the Surfer's attempt to perform this black hole derivation ALMOST worked, yet he forgot, in his rush to get ready for the Survival of Humanity Alchemy Event to include the $\eta$ term, which is related to the information theory aspect of this derivation.  One could also say it is related to the fact that the black hole is "floating" in the vast sea of space-time of huge density T. More on that later...

So, now this $\eta$ is the gating item to finish the derivation of the mass.radius relationship of a black hole.  As Master Moe said, "it's the $\eta$ that'll gate ya".  We will dive deeper into this $\eta$ thing, as now we can see it is the only thing barring us from finishing this simple derivation. No advanced math is needed.  Basic geometry and a little insight is all that is needed.

Tune in next time to wrap up this black hole relationship, then we can quickly finish the proton mass.radius relationship, then makes some comments, and move on to bigger and better things. There's a lot of work to be done, a lot of physics and science to create and re-write.

Some closing comments on the significance of R and $\eta$. Both of these numbers are related to Dirac_large_numbers_hypothesis. This will be discussed in more detail in a future post that goes over the interesting aspects of this type of approach to the solution to these previously very challenging problems, and, as one will soon see, exactly how easy it really is compared to the previous method(s) and we will compare these equations to actual measurements and previous mainstream physics analytical solutions to see how well they agree.

The Surfer, OM-IV

Preview (and correction notice): Derivation MpRp=4LM #5

An update to the derivation is needed to include the information theory part as mentioned in Derivation MpRp=4LM #3. After reviewing Nassim's paper again,

Haramein, N. (2012). Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, Physical Review & Research International, ISSN: 2231-1815, Page 270-292

a more direct approach is required, which is basically detailing the steps in his paper and examining the justification of each step.

The mass of the black hole is geometrically and informational theory related to the Planck mass

mh = (R/η)ml
mh = Mass of Black Hole
R = V/Vl 
η = As/Al 
ml = Planck Mass

V = Volume of the interior of the black hole
As = Area of black hole surface
Vl = Planck spherical unit volume
Al =  Area, equatorial cross-sectional area

Let's see were we go with this next. Things may not have been so simple as I first implied, however, we are going to go with it, to proceed, to see the simplicity in how the equations match observation and then do our best to derive and understand each step.

It's looks like it's time for a good mathematical symbol add on as well...

It's time to get back on the right track!!!  (4:19) <--Boom, pow! (a video link)

More later, 
The Surfer, OM-IV

PS: The Surfer's flounder with Derivation of MpRp=4LM #4 will be instrumental in gaining insight into the final resolution to this issue of how to calculate the mass of a black hole and what it's mass.radius relationship is.  It still has something to do with this density of the vacuum of space equation T and the radius of the spherical volume of the inside of the black hole.  No Fear of mistakes, because from mistakes comes great knowledge and experience, great teachings, if one lives through it... or possibly even if one does not...

"It's the η that'll gate cha!" - Master Moe

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Howard the Duck Demands Answers!

Who IS this Galactic Duck?

Howard the Duck demands answers!


It seems the duck has in common the swirl of this Tooter the Turtle:

At around 4:40 the bottom falls out of everything!

We're going to get to the bottom of this rubber duckie thing.  It appears someone's about to pull the plug out of the tub!  Swirl, twirl, twist and twirl!!!

A quick search finds: Galactic Duck is a member of The Rubber Duckie Intergalactic Federation, Duckworld

Nassim often mentions rubber duckies in a bathtub spiraling down the vortex of the drain the closer it gets to the drain.  This is part of an analogy to partially explain the dual toroidal black whole dynamic that powers the motion of stars in a galaxy and powers the Sun, and possibly powers certain aspects of the iron core magnetic field at the center of the Earth, assuming it is an iron core.

It all has to do with the motion of space or spacetime or the fabric of spacetime as it follows the dual toroidal black hole / white hole powered spacetime dynamic.  It's not just a stretched rubber-like sheet, but a stretched, twisted and pulled, kinda thing, just the way she likes it.

Here's Ancient Egyptian Ducky:

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Galactic Ducky comes to Surfer's Aid and Recharges Board!!!

Galactic Ducky comes to Surfer's Aid and Recharges Board!!!
He's hot pink balanced with cool blue swirls and his heat will charge up anything!

Surfer's Down but not Out!

Oh no! A temporary setback.  The Surfer shall rise from the ashes!!!

Derivation MpRp=4LM #4

Where it's all going - towards consciousness...

This part is how to derive the mass.radius relationship for a black hole.  We are going to approach this in a multi-step approach, with each step getting closer and closer to the correct answer.

First, we are going to calculate the mass of a spherical volume of the fabric of spacetime, T:

$$V_S={4 \over 3} \pi R_S^3$$
$$M_S={4 \over 3} \pi TR_S^3$$

$M_S=$Schwarzschild Mass of black hole
$V_S=$Schwarzschild Volume of black hole
$R_S=$Schwarzschild Radius of black hole

$V_P=$Planck Spherical Unit (PSU) Volume

$T = {Planck Mass \over {Planck Spherical Volume}}= {M_P \over V_P} = {M_P \over {{4 \over 3}\pi{\left(L_P \over 2 \right)}^3}} = {6M_P \over {\pi L_P^3}}$

$$M_S={6M_P \over \pi L_P^3}{4 \over 3} \pi R_S^3$$
$$M_S=8M_P {\left(Rs \over L_P \right)}^3$$

OK, I'm still free-styling, so let's check and see if we are on the right track.  Up to now, we should be calculating a Scpherical Schwarzschild Mass ($M_S$) of Schwarzschild radius ($R_S$). Now, what we gotta do is pretty simple, however, I am making it look hard. What we got to do now is plug in for the Planck Mass ($M_P$) and the Planck Length ($L_P$) and see what this equation for $M_S$ comes out to be and then check to see if it matches the Schwarzschild solution to Einstein's field equations.

I'm letting it all hang out now, deriving it real time, showing possible mistakes.  What if this next step does not result in a correct answer?  What then?  What possibly could go wrong with this approach?

Good Evening, and hopefully I will finish this post with an update later this evening, thus, accomplishing QED or whatever fancy latin phrase that would be appropo.

$$M_P=\sqrt {\hbar c \over G}$$
$$L_P=\sqrt {\hbar G \over c^3}$$

$${M_P \over L_P^3} = {c^5 \over {\hbar G^2}}$$

$R_S^3={{ \hbar M_S  G^2} \over {8 c^5}} \leftarrow $ Incorrect. $ \eta $ must be included.

Things are not quite coming out like expected. The Schwarzschild solution, for comparison is:
$$R_S={2GM_S \over c^2}$$  

...Surfer's board needs recharged... will return tomorrow with corrections, updates, and completions...

(Hey, it's just like in the comic books, sometimes the super hero goes down, but not out...)

The Surfer, OM-IV
-----------------------------------------------UPDATE 3/31/2015:
The information theory part was left out therefore the approach as mentioned in Derivation MpRp=4LM §#3 is needed. That'll teach me for rushing and doing it real time in a blog on the internet. Well, at least I can fix this mess up in the upcoming Derivation MpRp=4LM #5

How much does a Sphere of Water Weigh?

This is me checking with Nassim to make sure I'm hearing his physics correctly. No billion dollar budget needed.

How much does a Sphere of Water Weigh?

  • In or out of the ocean?

What is the wing velocity of a sparrow?
  • Asian or European?

Under ordinary PVT, pressure, gravity, temperature, the mass.radius relationship of a sphere of water of a certain volume can be determined by knowing the density of the water, and the volume of water in question.

These questions are so simple, we don't even need PhD physicists working on THIS aspect of the problem, we need Elmer Fudd, PhD. 

So, that said, that's where we're going next in the derivation of the mass.radius relationship of black holes and the derivation of MpRp=4LM!  

The Surfer, OM-IV

Help me Mr. Wizard!

"I'm coming, Beanie boy!", says Cecil...

Oh, yes, how is he going to pull this rabbit out of this hat?  How in one single simple post is he going to show how Haramein pulled a major coup on ALL of modern science, thought, philosophy, and spirituality?

This is the easy work, as Haramein has already done it all and explained it all well in his paper:

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass
Haramein, N. (2012). Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, Physical Review & Research International, ISSN: 2231-1815, Page 270-292

Good reading,
The Surfer, OM-IV

(stayed tuned, more by this weekend)

Put on Your Dunce Caps!

Put on Your Dunce Caps, and charge up your thinking caps.  Somehow these cone-headed people gave us a clue.  Even the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew missed it (and Dan Aykroyd -Beldar- ate it for lunch). Sacred Geometry is what we're talking about.  It's in the ancient architecture and artwork.


The fabric of spacetime is conscious. It's alive.  D = M/V = T

The Surfer, Omega Vector-IV

Pulling a Hare out of your Haramein Hat (Preview: Derivation MpRp=4LM #4)

Hot on the trail of that pesky wabbit, Giordan and Dutchess.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, this HUGE value of T, T=M/V (M is Planck Mass, V is Planck Spherical Volume), means anything is possible.  Think resolution to the vacuum catastrophe, however, we will save that for another post. I work a full time job and don't yet have the billions to continue my research...  ;-) , so will will do it the old fashioned honest way, step by step.

T is the empty vacuum energy density. It's value is so very huge, 1cc being 39 orders of magnitude greater than the mass (energy) of the observable universe, that we are living inside an event horizon. We are resonant bio-beings oscillating in and out of the vacuum.  This means, via Einstein's Field Equations and other considerations, we are wormhole connected to the entire observable universe.

I am emphasizing this BEFORE finishing the derivation of MpRp=4LM so one realizes apriori that NOT ONLY are answers generated to the long unsolved physics problems using the Rauscher-Haramein approach, BUT ALSO opens up a whole new world and requires a whole new worldview and different thinking.

Watch for Bohm on worldviews... @11:20  

So, before we see how Haramein pulled the Hare out of his Hat, bone up on your black hole and information theory knowledge so we can avoid any paradoxes!

The Surfer, OM-IV

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Energy Centers and Crop Circles

There is an interesting relationship among these. Watch out for the Svengali effect!

The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #3

From simple words that anyone who can read will come the mass radius relationship for black holes.

How can this be?  How can you do this?

Well, it goes something like this:

  1. Imagine a Planck diameter (L) sphere, 
  2. and a Planck mass (M). 
  3. Imagine the vacuum of space is composed of an infinity in all directions of these Planck Spherical Units (PSUs) overlapping like ripples passing through each other in a pond.
  4. These PSUs look, like, when projected into 2D the flower of life pattern:
Now, with this fabric of space time defined, we now have a number for the density of the vacuum of space time.  Basically, that number for the density of space time T is simply a geometric argument  of the Planck mass M divided by the volume of a sphere with diameter L and including a term for information flow (and more detail I will simplify after re-reading Haramein's paper). This is the PSU.

$$T = {M \over V}$$
$$V={4 \over 3}\pi R^3$$
$$R={L \over 2}$$
$$V={4 \over 3} \pi {L^3 \over 2^3}$$
$$V={\pi \over 6} L^3$$
$$T={6 \over \pi} {M \over L^3}$$

T is an unbelievablely huge number, and what is also unbelievable is that I am free styling, going from memory Haramein's analysis, and in simple words I am about to conjure up the Schwarzschild solution to Einstein's field equations, a simple mass radius relationship.  I am not going to even look it up, merely read Haramein's paper for a quick reminder of the next steps and blow your mind with a solution grabbed straight out of the mind, straight from a logical assumption, straight from the ancient teachings and examples. Straight from the Source. Stay tuned for part #4.

Preview: The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #3

We are going to first analyze the mass radius relationship of black holes.  We will first use Haramein's approach using PSU's, and it is a very straightforward geometric information theory approach.

The easy part is the geometric part.

The part that is a little tougher is the information theory part.

However, we have to help us the decades of fine work of Leonard Susskind from his battle  with (the darkness and dimness of) Stephen  Hawking.  The idea that our information is somehow painted onto a 2D surface of a black hole and the information theory argument around all that makes our job a lot easier.

You see, while I malign the mainstream, and call them knuckleheads, they do a lot of good work while attempting to burst out of the paper bag they've ensconced themselves in.

This concept concerning 2D holographic representations of a 3D spacetime and the logical arguments and math and scientific arguments all are used in the explanation of the derivation of MpRp=4LM.

So, after we simply and clearly derive the mass.radius relationship of a black hole, compare it to Schwartzchild solution, see it is the same, then discuss the "baud rate" of information flow and its directionality, and compare it to some black hole measurements and observations, we will move on to the proton.
Galactic Duck says "You gone qwackers!"

The Art of Being Present

I would like to one day write a post entitled "The Fine Art of Being Present", however, as I have repeatedly learned from my many teachers, there are many levels on the way to being a Master.  Simply being aware of a higher level does not pull one out of the muck and the mire.

It has been said that maintaining a present state of consciousness for 5 minutes is very challenging. Then, above, and beyond that, for me at least, are even how one started to look at things this way, present, past, future.  And the more I think about it, the more I realize what the present is.

The present is an ever moving event horizon. It is where life and our consciousness live.  There is no life in the past, and no life in the future, the only place life exists is in the present.

The present is an event horizon in the dynamic of the vacuum of space or spacetime.  The vibration in the vacuum of spacetime is this seething quantum foam of overlappings and interlaced PSUs - vibrations in the super-fluid like fabric of spacetime.

You can't get there from here

"You can't get there from here."  That's what the farmers used to say to lost travelers who tended to get angry at the farmers' attempts to help. Yep, You can't get there from here.  Or so some comedian said or we used to joke about as kids.  Sorry if I steared a few of ya wrong, I was only trying to help at first.  ;-)

You can't get there from here is what I'd like to talk about.  From a certain perspective, one could get to anywhere, except for areas outside of one's light cone.

Say what? Light cone? What kinda new-aged, new fangled talk is that? Light cone?!!! Step out, step off. Step off George!

Merely a coincidence that the official scientific description sounds like new age mumbo jumbo.  Mmmm, hmmm, yah.  Where's my stapler?  Please put my stapler down. Bring it back, please. I'll, I'll....  -Milton.

Anyway, it is possible that there are some places from once you are, you cannot extricate yourself from.  Being from Ohio, that makes perfectly good sense to me, leaving sentences ending with a preposition.  This ain't about writing, it's about reasoning, as the Dalia Lama might say about Tibetan Buddhism.

One place where we are stuck, and stuck hard, with very little chance of extricating ourselves from is the state of modern physics.  Think of the investment, investment in terms of not only the money, but the generations of minds. Sure, a lot of technology has been created, however, why are some fundamental questions still CONTINUING to go unanswered???

So, yes, you can't get there from here.  The mainstreamers cannot get to the solutions with the thinking that created the problems even with the long years going by that these problems remain unsolved.

The only hope is breaking out of the box.  Thinking outside of the box while at the same time keeping a firm grasp on a ground, a reference, a reality.  Then, in the end, abandoning that reality, abandoning all reference and being free.

Availability, requires a few things, and one of those things is empty hands. How can you catch that ball if your hands are full?

Simplicity is as Nature is. Nature needs no complex computations for her beauty.

So, while it seems like there is no way to get from modern mainstream physics to a more unified physics in balance and harmony with nature for the benefit of all to the advantage of none, there is.  There is a way, and that way involves a simple third force.  One to break the stalemate. One to point out the imperfection in the balance, the near perfect balance, as we are held in a fine balance.

Simply, take a walk on the wild side, step out into nature, look.  Look at it!  Examine the Sun, it is the question and the answer.

The Surfer, OM-IV

Coming Up: The Yukawa Potential

Coming Up: The Yukawa Potential

Ah, yeah, such a simple answer to a problem that has been amplified into absurd insanity by mainstream physicists.

The nice thing is the many, many years of bloviating and bragging, and abusing and taunting others with their arrogance is available throughout the internet. It will be hard for them to erase it all. It is simply easier to forgive and forget.  No need to worry, no need for revenge, the awakening forgives all and shines light freeing those in the darkness.
reference: proton paper

No Fear,
The Surfer, OM-IV, is here

The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #2

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass
Haramein, N. (2012). Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, Physical Review & Research International, ISSN: 2231-1815, Page 270-292

The starting point is reading the source paper and checking and verifying that indeed, MpRp=4LM is EXACTLY the correct equation that Nassim Haramein and his team have presented.

The form of the equation is the Algebraic Version (AV), since it is a simplified version of the more visual and intuitive and informative  information theory Geometrical Version (GV).

mp' /R  (geometrical derivation)
MpRp = 4LM    (algebraic form)

We will be examining Haramein's paper (link above, PDF), and indeed verifying that these equations are equivalent and deriving the relationships between all the terms in both equations.

η will be clearly defined as this blog into the derivation of MpRp=4LM proceeds.  This will lead into the geometrical and information theory approach to showing, QUITE SIGNIFICANTLY, how simply the mass of matter such as black holes and protons can be calculated very very accurately without the need of solving Einstein's field equations. 

Since many people have solved Einstein's field equations, then it is a simple process to compare results, and what we will find by going through the derivation exactly how simple and fundamental the unified physics way of looking at things is.

So, in the following weeks and months, we will examine more completely these terms and start diving into PSUs (Planck Spherical Units).  

Those already skilled in the art of reading technical papers will have already been done by now with this analysis way before I am even typing this line right here, however, I am going to go through the derivation in EXCRUCIATING DETAIL, AS THE MAINSTREAM HAVE TAKEN MANY YEARS TO BEGIN TO LISTEN.

And this PSU stuff is the living, conscious fabric of spacetime, the source field, the vacuum, space, the all in all.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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Big Science, Big Oil, Big Government

Big Science, Big Oil, Big Government, is there anyway to differentiate?

Deep Thoughts By,
The Surfer

There goes the Sun.


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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Preview: The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #2

Before diving into the derivation of MpRp=4LM, let's first examine the terms and the form of the equation:
Mp=Mass of proton
Rp=Radius of proton
L=Planck Length
M=Planck Mass
These terms are pretty much well known and defined and common in the literature.  One thing of major interest is that these terms are fundamental units. The equation is a mass.radius relationship in fundamental units, something Richard Feynman was looking for.
"However, as Feynman points out, it fails totally to explain why particles such as the electron have the masses they do. "There is no theory that adequately explains these numbers. We use the numbers in all our theories, but we don't understand them – what they are, or where they come from. I believe that from a fundamental point of view, this is a very interesting and serious problem."[1]:152"
(WikiPedia Link) 

So, the form is simply a mass.radius product or a mass.length product.  Let's see where else this type of relationship shows up and also compare the form to a form for classical torque (T=r x F = rma).

Notice that in the same local gravitational field the acceleration drops from MpRp=4LM.  I mention this because the derivation behind the black hole / white hole dynamic that powers galaxies (see The Origin of Spin: A Consideration of Torque and Coriolis Forces in Einstein’s Field Equations and Grand Unification Theory) is a significant part behind the derivation of the theory that resolves dark matter and dark energy in Einstein's field equations. This is Haramein's and Rauscher's very early on significant work that the mainstream poopooed.  The magnitude of the mainstream's neglect and subsequent failure to actually accomplish much of significance considering the considerable investment made by humankind into their work, it seems like Moe's going have to start cracking down on some knuckle heads! (like a Tibetan Ninja)

These are some things to think about as we next examine similar equations in physics that describe similar mass.radius relationships: the physics of Black Holes and the Schwarzschild Solution. 
"What are you looking at?  This is just a preview."

Good evening don't wait for me to post.  There's plenty of material out there already!!!

The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #1

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting.  The derivation requires the understanding and combination of a wide field of scientific, archeological, and spiritual study, from the cosmological down to the quantum, some advanced math, information theory, ancient wisdom, and carefully connecting the dots...

Many of the posts I intend to make here will be going through the derivation of MpRp=4LM and the significance of certain steps, and bridging, where possible, the new concepts to the old.

While going through the derivation, what one will see is the resolution to many of the long unsolved physics problems resulting in a unification theory.

This is some major development, and we are going to see exactly what it implies and where it's limitations are.

And, significantly, the supporting underlying theory connects and unifies all of our scientific and spiritualistic endeavors in a scientific and logical and whole way considering All life.
No Higgs Bozon Required!!!

For anyone wanting a head start, go on over to DLVL1-info.

Warmest Regards,
The Surfer

Source of Mass of Matter

What is significant about this is the derivation. I recommend thoroughly researching the derivation and all background and associated materials.

The mass of ordinary matter can be considered to a very good approximation the sum of the mass of the protons and neutrons, using an approximation that electron mass is negligible and that the neutron mass is equal to the proton mass. So, since we can now calculate the mass of the proton to a VERY precise level (the 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen measurements to refine the CODATA proton data are converging on Haramein’s value), there is a very clear equation that identifies the source of mass of matter.

No Higgs, no Ziggs, no nothing, simply out of the vacuum.