Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Derivation of MpRp = 4LM #1

Now, this is where it starts to get interesting.  The derivation requires the understanding and combination of a wide field of scientific, archeological, and spiritual study, from the cosmological down to the quantum, some advanced math, information theory, ancient wisdom, and carefully connecting the dots...

Many of the posts I intend to make here will be going through the derivation of MpRp=4LM and the significance of certain steps, and bridging, where possible, the new concepts to the old.

While going through the derivation, what one will see is the resolution to many of the long unsolved physics problems resulting in a unification theory.

This is some major development, and we are going to see exactly what it implies and where it's limitations are.

And, significantly, the supporting underlying theory connects and unifies all of our scientific and spiritualistic endeavors in a scientific and logical and whole way considering All life.
No Higgs Bozon Required!!!

For anyone wanting a head start, go on over to DLVL1-info.

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