Saturday, March 21, 2015

You can't get there from here

"You can't get there from here."  That's what the farmers used to say to lost travelers who tended to get angry at the farmers' attempts to help. Yep, You can't get there from here.  Or so some comedian said or we used to joke about as kids.  Sorry if I steared a few of ya wrong, I was only trying to help at first.  ;-)

You can't get there from here is what I'd like to talk about.  From a certain perspective, one could get to anywhere, except for areas outside of one's light cone.

Say what? Light cone? What kinda new-aged, new fangled talk is that? Light cone?!!! Step out, step off. Step off George!

Merely a coincidence that the official scientific description sounds like new age mumbo jumbo.  Mmmm, hmmm, yah.  Where's my stapler?  Please put my stapler down. Bring it back, please. I'll, I'll....  -Milton.

Anyway, it is possible that there are some places from once you are, you cannot extricate yourself from.  Being from Ohio, that makes perfectly good sense to me, leaving sentences ending with a preposition.  This ain't about writing, it's about reasoning, as the Dalia Lama might say about Tibetan Buddhism.

One place where we are stuck, and stuck hard, with very little chance of extricating ourselves from is the state of modern physics.  Think of the investment, investment in terms of not only the money, but the generations of minds. Sure, a lot of technology has been created, however, why are some fundamental questions still CONTINUING to go unanswered???

So, yes, you can't get there from here.  The mainstreamers cannot get to the solutions with the thinking that created the problems even with the long years going by that these problems remain unsolved.

The only hope is breaking out of the box.  Thinking outside of the box while at the same time keeping a firm grasp on a ground, a reference, a reality.  Then, in the end, abandoning that reality, abandoning all reference and being free.

Availability, requires a few things, and one of those things is empty hands. How can you catch that ball if your hands are full?

Simplicity is as Nature is. Nature needs no complex computations for her beauty.

So, while it seems like there is no way to get from modern mainstream physics to a more unified physics in balance and harmony with nature for the benefit of all to the advantage of none, there is.  There is a way, and that way involves a simple third force.  One to break the stalemate. One to point out the imperfection in the balance, the near perfect balance, as we are held in a fine balance.

Simply, take a walk on the wild side, step out into nature, look.  Look at it!  Examine the Sun, it is the question and the answer.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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