Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Howard the Duck Demands Answers!

Who IS this Galactic Duck?

Howard the Duck demands answers!


It seems the duck has in common the swirl of this Tooter the Turtle:

At around 4:40 the bottom falls out of everything!

We're going to get to the bottom of this rubber duckie thing.  It appears someone's about to pull the plug out of the tub!  Swirl, twirl, twist and twirl!!!

A quick search finds: Galactic Duck is a member of The Rubber Duckie Intergalactic Federation, Duckworld

Nassim often mentions rubber duckies in a bathtub spiraling down the vortex of the drain the closer it gets to the drain.  This is part of an analogy to partially explain the dual toroidal black whole dynamic that powers the motion of stars in a galaxy and powers the Sun, and possibly powers certain aspects of the iron core magnetic field at the center of the Earth, assuming it is an iron core.

It all has to do with the motion of space or spacetime or the fabric of spacetime as it follows the dual toroidal black hole / white hole powered spacetime dynamic.  It's not just a stretched rubber-like sheet, but a stretched, twisted and pulled, kinda thing, just the way she likes it.

Here's Ancient Egyptian Ducky:

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