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ImPulSeFuNcTiOn - July 3rd Crossing - Interesting Data Point!!!

The Maltese Cross
Hmmm, crossed on July 3, what would T-Pain say about dat?

Ah, s#it, get your towels ready:

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Point where The Standard Model(SM) meets General Relativity(GR): -3- 4 Magic Equations:

"Galactic Duck" says ""Qwack! This is the resolution to the vacuum catastrophe!i!""
-3- 4 Magic Equations
The Galactic Duck's now here to shine some light on this twirling universe.  Nassim Haramein and team have been saying for over 20 years to listen to his theory on the way Nature behaves and it took these 3 magic Equations:
$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$

$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}={r_e\over 4\ell}={{\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$

$$\varphi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}={r_p\over 4\ell}=1.30125608e+19$$
$$R_e={{\alpha}^2\over{\pi R_{\infty}}}$$

to prove them correct, or more clearly, to say that the now newly completed standard model (CSM) now agrees with Nassim's proton and vacuum density derivations, thus unifying physics.

Vibrations interact in the medium of spacetime, the Aether with density: $$D={6m_{\ell}\over{\pi\ell^3}}=T$$
$$D={6M\over{\pi L^3}}=T$$
This is the point, these three magic numbers and three magic equations, that completes the standard model.

This added to Nassim Haramein's work is the first Theory of Everything and unifies SM with GR.

Nassim Haramein's work did not need validation, the standard model needed to be completed.  This completes and corrects the standard model, and it now agrees with what Nassim says it should be so All is ok now.

Thank you Nassim Haramein, Elizabeth Rauscher, Lyz Starwalker for starting the 1st ToE.

And Dan Winter for having the special case of gravity and non-consumable energy pump atmospheric plasmas solved! 

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tautology - 1 - Self-checking

The Age of Aquarius...

...is the simultaneous solution to the set of Schrodingers wave equations for *BOTH* the *proton* and *electron*.
The solution to this problem gives you three magic numbers: 
$$proton\;mass \over electron\;mass$$
$$Planck\;mass \over electron\;mass$$
$$Planck\;mass \over proton\;mass$$
$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}$$
$$\phi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$m_e=$ mass of electron
$m_{\ell}=$ Planck mass
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Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may It seal the Door where Evil dwells.  <~~~ the Door is now sealed.

Let Light and Love and Power 
restore the Plan on Earth.
Compare old school \/ \/ \/ to - -- - - - - >>>    New School:> Nassim's Dual Torus is Amazing!~~~>

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Upcoming: Simultaneous Solution to Schrödinger's Wave Equation with Proton and Electron

This is going to be an interesting upcoming post where I go over defining the problem, it's formulation, then it's simplification to what simple things to be on the look out for.

I set the trap about 20 years ago, and waited until someone came up with either the proton radius or the electron radius, then bang, three magic numbers and the source of mass of matter and much more.

Much, much more.  Without Elizabeth Rauscher and Nassim Haramein and Lyz Starwalker none of this would be possible.

Link to Dan Winter's Phase-Conjugate work,  Nassim Haramein & talk,  and Salvatore Giandinoto's work:

You see, 
It's a mathematical tautology.

Finally got time to put Nassim's pic in. This blog IS about proving Nassim's work. Great job Nassim on correctly studying and predicting the way Nature truly behaves.  Sorry, Nassim, I couldn't find your well deserved wikipedia link.  ;-(

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Analog Design Engineer - I Ratio Things

I'm an analog design engineer, I ratio things for a living.

This problem is known as the holy grail problem to electrical engineers, jokingly, lol. I mean, at least that's what I called it!

Richard Feynman, he is the guy I learned all this from, by reading his books.


Final Solution for Proton and Electron - Schrödinger's Wave Equation

...for Complete Solution for Proton and Electron - Schrödinger's Wave Equation

Phase conjugate solutions to Schrödinger's Wave Equations are what is produced and the electron and proton are the opposite phases (180 degrees out of phase).  This is the standard method of solving these types of equations, and as in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) it is well known about the dagger notation of an operation to get a measurement, for example, a real result or a measurement is always a matrix product of two phase conjugate(dagger conjugate), spacetime (k-momentum space, time), thus any real manifestation will be the result of this type of product conjugate.

And of course complex conjugates are used in Maxwell's equations. I use complex conjugates all the time in my electrical engineering work.   Because Maxwell is always lurking in the background.  We will add more on our march for a complete theory and description.

These solutions will be just like Dan Winter's phase-conjugate solutions.

And The Electric Universe People are correct with their solutions as well... ...this is a unification theory, oneness.

Mark Eric Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker
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Foundation: Quantum Gravitation

Founding information for Quantum Gravitation:

Founding Field: Quantum Gravity.
Mark Eric Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker
©2015 Mark Eric Rohrbaugh ©2015 Lyz Starwalker

Quantized Spacetime: MpRp=2h/(pi*c)=MeRe

$$m_pr_p={2h\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$

The product of matter and space (distance) are both quantized.
Spacetime is quantized.

This is quantized torque-spin-coriolis-spacetime-momentum!

For the higher energy levels, n, I will be adding the appropriate extension, then from there, multi-nucleon (proton, neutron) nucleus, and more.... it's a whole series of fields that come from this founding equation, which is clearly apparent that it is simply a matter of going through the math and analysis to complete each and every field. (physics, cosmology, biology, chemistry, science, life, memory, consciousness... and so on..., like:
$$m_pr_p={2nh\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$
or some function of n, f(n), that is geometric and models the electron states:
$$m_pr_p={2f(n)h\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$
I'll check on how well this models the different energy states next as I dig into completing and checking this formulation.

Founding Field: Quantum Gravity.
Mark Eric Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker
©2015 Mark Eric Rohrbaugh ©2015 Lyz Starwalker

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Cat is Out of The Bag

Schrödinger's cat is out of the bag!
And this cat can't be put back in.
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Proof of Solution to the Proton Radius Puzzle


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Saturday, June 20, 2015

New Atomic Model - Which One Works (WoW)?

New Atomic Model - Which One Works (WoW)?
Which way to go next?

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MpRp=4LM=ReMe - Source of Mass of Matter

"No Higgs Boson Required?", puzzles Bozon T. Clown.
This is PROOF to the solution of the proton radius puzzle.
Also proof of Dan Winter's Phase-Conjugate work: MpRp=4LM=MeRe 
Represents a conjugate pair using Maxwell's Equations with EFE, etc.
This is the complete solution for both the proton and the electron using Schrödinger's wave equation.
Bozo says: "Send in The Duck! I want to talk to The Duck!!!"
$MpRp=4LM=ReMe$ clearly defines the mass relationships between the electron and the proton in terms of fundamental units, formulations, constants, and measured constants, all consistent with mainstream work.
Three Magic Ratios
From this relationship come $\mu$, the proton to electron mass ratio:$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$
& Planck Mass to Electron Mass Ratio:
$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}={r_e\over 4\ell}={{\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$
& Planck Mass to Proton  Mass Ratio:
$$\varphi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}={r_p\over 4\ell}=1.30125608e+19$$
You see, 
It's a mathematical tautology.

Bazinga!   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Where's The Duck?>{

Analytical equations for these relationships have been looked for for a long time. Using Haramein's work, these simple equations result, or if one guesses the relationships, Haramein's equations result.
$\alpha=$ fine-structure constant
$\ell=$ Planck $\ell$ength
$r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_{\infty}}$
$r_p=$ proton radius, 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen proton radius
$R_H, R_{\infty}$ is Rydberg constant
$\pi\;is$ good.
(gravito-magnetics spawns from this work, this first ToE)
What you do is simultaneously solve Schrodinger's equation for the proton and electron, take the proton/electron mass ratio and then all you need is the Planck/electron mass ratio or the Planck/proton mass ratio, and that's what Nassim Haramein produced, the proton radius. It was a key thing needed to complete the 3 magic numbers. (and the Rydberg equation for the electron, and Nassim's equation for the proton radius so I could determine Re with Lyz's proposal on the electron  and one needs to know what to use for V(r)  ;-)   )
The next logical step: 

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Friday, June 19, 2015

Upcoming: Mass Ratios: Proton, Electron, Muon, Tau Mass Ratios

Proton, Electron, Muon, Tau Mass Ratios:

Well, we got a few solved already, these are next on the list.

If anyone has any ideas to help, let us know...  ...I think we are on to something...

Best Regards,
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Thursday, June 18, 2015

MpRp = 4LM = ReMe : Adding Electron to Balance Whole

MpRp = 4LM = ReMe

Nothing is isolated in this connected universe, not even the proton.  Systems must be wholly analyzed in their environment, which requires understanding the vacuum.

So, the electron balances the proton, and these equations can be seen to be very similar to torque equations.  Nassim Haramein has added torque and Coriolis effect to Einstein's field equations, along with a few other key things (the proper IVM of B. Fuller et al), so it is no coincidence:
$$\overrightarrow{\tau}=\overrightarrow{r}\times m\overrightarrow{a}$$
$$\tau\propto r m a$$

Since the torque is balanced between the proton, electron, and the vacuum, and equal and opposite, the acceleration can be dropped from the equation:$$\tau\propto r m$$ (more on this later)

So, MpRp and MeRe are products of mass and length, just like torque is - or -

A line mass occurs near a black hole, this could be an additional explanation for the balance equation, as is explained in this review of Planck Units (see link it mentions how the line mass relationship is derived). Again, I'm deriving all of this realtime by the seat of my pants.  Will continue later...

The electron is NOT a particle, it is an energetic disturbance in the fabric of spacetime.  The electron vibrates into and out of the vacuum.  It may be like a little vortex in the fabric of spacetime. More on the electron later as well.

Bridging the mainstream to the unified physics is going to take much work,..

The Surfer, OM-IV

Unified Physics Snatches Pebble from Mainstream Master

The proton to electron mass ratio: $$\mu={m_p\over m_e}= {\alpha^2\over \pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267\;\;\leftarrow\;significant!!!$$
& the Planck mass to electron mass ratio: 
$${m_{\ell}\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over{4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$
using $$m_pr_p=4\ell m_{\ell}=r_em_e\;where\;r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_H}$$

$\alpha=$ fine-structure constant
$r_p=$ proton radius
$R_H=$ Rydberg constant
$r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_H}=$ will define this term later (effective radius??? atomic radius?)
$\ell=$ Planck $\ell$ength

This is significant proof that Nassim Haramein's proton radius solution IS correct as it works in harmony with mainstream solutions to solve for natural dimensionless constants that have never before been analytically determined (except for the Rydberg constant, $R_H$).  
(see previous post on proton-electron mass ratio and Planck mass to electron mass ratio for Google calculator links for ratio calculations)
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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Upcoming: Proton Spin - Electron Torque Balance

This has to do with the electron feeding / and / or balancing the proton in its dynamic existence...

Power Series Phi $(\varphi)$Ratio $\sum\varphi^n, n\in {[-\infty, -n, -n+1,0, 1, \dots, n-1, n, \infty]}$

"Ahhhh S#it, Get your towels ready it's about to go down!
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(Shortayyyy) Aww shit
Get your towels ready it's about to go down (shorty, yeah)"

The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain

A whole way of looking at Nature is required to answer its deepest questions...

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rough Draft: Proton's Here Wearing a Smile! ☺♋☻


The proton to electron mass ratio: $$\mu={m_p\over m_e}$$
Given the mass of the proton is (Haramein Proton .pdf) $$m_p={2\eta\over R}m_{\ell}={2h\over\pi r_pc}$$
Rewritten: $$\mu m_e={2\eta\over R}m_{\ell}$$
The proton to electron mass ratio: $$\mu={2\eta\over R}{m_{\ell}\over m_e}$$
What is the mass of the electron, the first generation lepton? $$m_e={2R_{\infty}h\over c\alpha^2}[1]$$
[1]https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electron_rest_mass The Rydberg constant is empirical, thus this equation is not analytical, however, we shall proceed:
, $$\mu={m_p\over m_e}= {\alpha^2\over \pi r_pR_{\infty}}=1836.15267\;\;\leftarrow\;significant!!!$$
$\alpha$ is the fine-structure constant
$r_p$ is the proton radius (use 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen radius and Haramein's equation)
$R_{\infty}$ is the Rydberg Constant.

Google Calculator link for $\mu$:

Alternate form (definition, trivial): $$\mu={m_p\over m_e}= {m_pc\alpha^2\over{2R_{\infty}h}}=1836.15267$$
Google Calculator Link Alternate Form

Compare to μ = mp/me = 1836.15267245(75).[1]

What is the Planck mass to electron mass ratio? $$\Phi={m_{\ell}\over m_e}$$
Using Haramein's proton solution, and equating it to $r_em_e$:
$$m_pr_p=4\ell m_{\ell}=r_em_e$$
This is the torque-spin balance proposal of Lyz Starwalker.
$$r_em_e=4\ell m_{\ell}$$
$${m_{\ell}\over m_e}={r_e\over 4\ell}$$
$${m_{\ell}\over m_e}={{\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_{\infty}}}=2.3893048e+22$$

Google Calculator Link for Planck Mass divided by Electron Mass
PlanckMass/ElectronMass <~~~ Google Calculator

I think Sadhguru can tell us what level this is away from our senses... ...the lepton???

Using Haramein's equation for the proton radius and the 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen measurement of the proton radius, we have a simple equation that shows the correct ratio of the proton to electron mass ratio.  The only issue is that still the electron has no analytical solution to its mass.  Since the electron is not an actual particle, it is possible that it does not have a solution like the proton does, however, we'll keep looking.  However, this equation for $\mu$, the proton-electron mass ratio is very good for now!

Some Links to proton/electron mass ratio:

Compare to http://www.ptep-online.com/index_files/2015/PP-40-04.PDF  <--- $\mu$ equations 2015

Addendum for future investigation (torque balance): $$m_pr_p=r_em_e\;where\;r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_{\infty}}$$
More Later,
The Surfer, OM-IV

Sunday, June 14, 2015

In Search of Neutron, Proton, Electron, Positron, Neutrinos, etc

Oh Yeah!
It looks like we're going to have to start over and re-examine the fundamental definitions of what science is talking about.

What is the Neutron, Proton, Electron, Positron, Neutrino, etc?  Where do these concepts come from? What are they? Do these ""particles"" really exist? 

Let's look to Nature and measurements:

"There are two forms of beta decay, β− and β+, which respectively give rise to the electron and the positron.[1]"
β− : 
p → n + e+ + νe [1]

A reverse process is possible:
 p + e → n + ν

Anyway, looking into this brings up more questions than answers.  This look at some of the fundamental pieces of particle physics shows that a very interesting attempt was made to make sense out of all the measurements and formulate a theory.

To be able to better describe Nature and made better predictions, obviously more work is needed, Different work with a different world view.

There are a reasons why mainstream physicists are stuck and besides the worldview and different thinking, the basic foundations of The Standard Model (SM, QFT, QED, QCD, etc) and Cosmology (General Relativity - GR) need to be re-examined.  

Much like a do-over on your homework like when nearly everyone fails and misses the point, teacher gives you a second chance.  Can you do it?  Would you do it? Would you take that second chance and go for the "A", or accept failure, accept the "F"?  Or would EGO get in your way?

That is simply the boat mainstream science is in.  A simple revisiting of the founding assumptions and a little readjustment for the vacuum, and some clear thinking, and viola!

Note the symbols and reaction equations used in this post are simple attempts at an accounting of the energy of these transmutations.  After the first round of guesses, there was a second, and a third generation of guess. Flavor / color changing, first no mass, then mass, where are these neutrinos?

 First generation is the electron neutrino, second generation was the muon neutrino, and third generation was the tau neutrino. One can keep on adding terms to the polynomial, and it still WILL NOT FIT Nature and the measurements. Oh, it does match close enough for technology to work, but not life, science, and Nature.

What we are going to find is a re-working of Einstein's and Planck's work, as Haramein and team have done,  does this re-doing of the foundations of modern physics, and that is simply the starting point.  There's a lot more work to be done!

Dig into the literature yourself and see how physicists keep chasing an imaginary wisp...

So, that's all for now.  Like Stanton Friedman said it's good to know what you're talking about before opening your mouth, so likewise to the mainstream when they babble on and on about this stuff and get nowhere with it for decades.

Just watch the three ring circus of LHC CERN unfold before our eyes this summer...  B^)

The Surfer, OM-IV

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