Thursday, June 18, 2015

MpRp = 4LM = ReMe : Adding Electron to Balance Whole

MpRp = 4LM = ReMe

Nothing is isolated in this connected universe, not even the proton.  Systems must be wholly analyzed in their environment, which requires understanding the vacuum.

So, the electron balances the proton, and these equations can be seen to be very similar to torque equations.  Nassim Haramein has added torque and Coriolis effect to Einstein's field equations, along with a few other key things (the proper IVM of B. Fuller et al), so it is no coincidence:
$$\overrightarrow{\tau}=\overrightarrow{r}\times m\overrightarrow{a}$$
$$\tau\propto r m a$$

Since the torque is balanced between the proton, electron, and the vacuum, and equal and opposite, the acceleration can be dropped from the equation:$$\tau\propto r m$$ (more on this later)

So, MpRp and MeRe are products of mass and length, just like torque is - or -

A line mass occurs near a black hole, this could be an additional explanation for the balance equation, as is explained in this review of Planck Units (see link it mentions how the line mass relationship is derived). Again, I'm deriving all of this realtime by the seat of my pants.  Will continue later...

The electron is NOT a particle, it is an energetic disturbance in the fabric of spacetime.  The electron vibrates into and out of the vacuum.  It may be like a little vortex in the fabric of spacetime. More on the electron later as well.

Bridging the mainstream to the unified physics is going to take much work,..

The Surfer, OM-IV

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