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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Upcoming: Simultaneous Solution to Schrödinger's Wave Equation with Proton and Electron

This is going to be an interesting upcoming post where I go over defining the problem, it's formulation, then it's simplification to what simple things to be on the look out for.

I set the trap about 20 years ago, and waited until someone came up with either the proton radius or the electron radius, then bang, three magic numbers and the source of mass of matter and much more.

Much, much more.  Without Elizabeth Rauscher and Nassim Haramein and Lyz Starwalker none of this would be possible.

Link to Dan Winter's Phase-Conjugate work,  Nassim Haramein & talk,  and Salvatore Giandinoto's work:

You see, 
It's a mathematical tautology.

Finally got time to put Nassim's pic in. This blog IS about proving Nassim's work. Great job Nassim on correctly studying and predicting the way Nature truly behaves.  Sorry, Nassim, I couldn't find your well deserved wikipedia link.  ;-(

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