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Monday, June 22, 2015

Quantized Spacetime: MpRp=2h/(pi*c)=MeRe

$$m_pr_p={2h\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$

The product of matter and space (distance) are both quantized.
Spacetime is quantized.

This is quantized torque-spin-coriolis-spacetime-momentum!

For the higher energy levels, n, I will be adding the appropriate extension, then from there, multi-nucleon (proton, neutron) nucleus, and more.... it's a whole series of fields that come from this founding equation, which is clearly apparent that it is simply a matter of going through the math and analysis to complete each and every field. (physics, cosmology, biology, chemistry, science, life, memory, consciousness... and so on..., like:
$$m_pr_p={2nh\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$
or some function of n, f(n), that is geometric and models the electron states:
$$m_pr_p={2f(n)h\over\pi c}=m_er_e$$
I'll check on how well this models the different energy states next as I dig into completing and checking this formulation.

Founding Field: Quantum Gravity.
Mark Eric Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker
©2015 Mark Eric Rohrbaugh ©2015 Lyz Starwalker