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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Point where The Standard Model(SM) meets General Relativity(GR): -3- 4 Magic Equations:

"Galactic Duck" says ""Qwack! This is the resolution to the vacuum catastrophe!i!""
-3- 4 Magic Equations
The Galactic Duck's now here to shine some light on this twirling universe.  Nassim Haramein and team have been saying for over 20 years to listen to his theory on the way Nature behaves and it took these 3 magic Equations:
$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$

$$\nu_1={m_{\ell}\over m_e}={r_e\over 4\ell}={{\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$

$$\varphi={m_{\ell}\over m_p}={r_p\over 4\ell}=1.30125608e+19$$
$$R_e={{\alpha}^2\over{\pi R_{\infty}}}$$

to prove them correct, or more clearly, to say that the now newly completed standard model (CSM) now agrees with Nassim's proton and vacuum density derivations, thus unifying physics.

Vibrations interact in the medium of spacetime, the Aether with density: $$D={6m_{\ell}\over{\pi\ell^3}}=T$$
$$D={6M\over{\pi L^3}}=T$$
This is the point, these three magic numbers and three magic equations, that completes the standard model.

This added to Nassim Haramein's work is the first Theory of Everything and unifies SM with GR.

Nassim Haramein's work did not need validation, the standard model needed to be completed.  This completes and corrects the standard model, and it now agrees with what Nassim says it should be so All is ok now.

Thank you Nassim Haramein, Elizabeth Rauscher, Lyz Starwalker for starting the 1st ToE.

And Dan Winter for having the special case of gravity and non-consumable energy pump atmospheric plasmas solved! 

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