Sunday, February 26, 2017

Grand Unified Theory: Defining the Problem - Part 1

Image 1: Symbolic merging of our two main theories into one

Prior to solving a problem, it's best to define the problem.  The problem I'm talking about is commonly known as the Grand Unified Theory:

Or the grand unification of physics. TOE - Theory Of Everything, etc.

An over simplification would be like shown in Image 1 above - focus on the two main theories science has to offer us and somehow create an all encompassing theory.

Another way to say this is that all phenomena must be brought into a theory that is consistent with the main body of science we already have.

Yet another way, a way I like to say, is we need a theory that explains all aspects of nature and how nature behaves. 

This then gets into defining what that means, and so on.

Yet another way to go about it is oversimplified, yet at the same time would be a BIG step, is to understand exactly what matter is.  This, supposedly, is what the main search is behind the LHC and high energy particles physics.  The idea of breaking matter down into smaller and smaller pieces to get a better understanding of what matter is.  This has led to The Standard Model.

What I'm finding is it's best to step back and examine the problem some more.

This is where we have to leave behind preconceived belief systems about the nature of things while at the same time holding true to the scientific method.

What I've found as I go through this is that each step along the way EVERYTHING is already some agreed upon belief system.  And it gets complicated fast.  Perhaps this is the reason, to advance, many things were ignored to even begin to be able to build the technology we have today.  However, at the same time, since we did not fully understand the nature of Nature, or the nature of what it is to truly be a fully developed human, then the argument starts to go towards philosophy or what is known as philosophy, which leads to another question:  where have all the philosophers gone and why no longer is this an official profession?

So, it's a pretty big bite to take and attempt to discuss this in a simple post.  

I'm going to have to address this some more in future posts, many future posts.

The Surfer, OM-IV