Wednesday, March 27, 2024

BTC Value of 4th Order 8D Polynomial

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Sunday, March 17, 2024

NMR Imaging Works Best Tuned Off Peak - Larmor Frequency of Hydrogen

If, as I've read, NMR Imaging Works Best Tuned Off Peak, then the (peak) Larmor Frequency of Hydrogen data can be obtained from NMR calibration data. To tune off peak, the peak measurements have to be made and would be in the calibration data. This is another quick way to verify the proton radius equation and the validity of the approach.

Here is a link to the post where I calculate/predict the expected Larmor frequency of hydrogen:
muh prediction (thus M*A*S*H 4077):
mainstream theory:
Come in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, ¿Qué? is the frequency:

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Monday, March 4, 2024

Predictions (Trends) of Updates to Fundamental Physics Constants

What would it mean if the updates to the constants matches the trend predicted each time NIST/CODATA does an update?

Trend Prediction posts:
I'll revisit the updates/trends and post a more clear table of past, present, and future values, keeping in mind that some are held "constant" to a value set by "decree" (law). Which is ok because a timebase/reference is needed anyway, so something has to be fixed because  of no ABSOLUTE VALUE TIME reference.
Does Vegas take bets on trends of physics constants updates?

Mr. Jackson, 1963
He was my high school chemistry teacher who first told our class about the proton to electron mass ratio term that was dropped from the Rydberg equation for Solid-State theory.  Way above our heads, he was just telling us 11th graders the last day of school the term they really shouldn't drop and if someone could come up with an equation for the proton to electron mass ratio they'd be famous. That was in the 70's, about 1978, when the Standard Model was being "finalized".

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Thursday, January 25, 2024

Nobel Prize Buster* in the Works!

It’s  Kid Dynamite!

Moar later!

“Kek of Dynamite”
I'm thinking about solving for $R_H$ using the quadratic equation.  Wolfram or some other symbolic solver such as MAPLE could solve it too. This will be the new Rydberg constant definition. What this failure of the mainstream science reminds me is of the novice in physics, chemistry, engineering or whatever using a limited viewpoint assumes a relationship is linear, like the original Rydberg equation however in fact it is a quadratic relationship, a power of two, thus a square root is involved in getting the answer.
$${R_H = \frac{{ - b \pm \sqrt {b^2 - 4ac} }}{{2a}}}$$
I'll work out what a, b, and c are later, all using:
Notice multiplying both sides gives a polynomial power of two for $R_H$.
This post/comment is a continuation of 9/11/2022's post:

* new science replaces old Nobel prizes
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Monday, January 22, 2024

Mach 105 - The Speed Limit of Sound

Mach 105 - The Speed Limit of Sound
(Assuming the speed of light is a constant $c$)

My intuition says the ideal theoretical* top speed capability of a conventional chemical rocket would be Mach 105.  Any rocket scientists out there with a top speed calculation of your rockets? Rocketman?

*actual physical speed may be a factor of 2 or some multiple less due to practical realities

Monday, January 1, 2024

123123 - 12/31/23

Happy New Year!


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Sunday, October 8, 2023

ISF YouTube Video: The Origin of Mass - Technical Review of the paper - International Space Federation

Haramein and team do a good job discussing the resolution of the vacuum catastrophe and pointing out how the math works out correctly (matrix math) by leaving the source, i.e., vacuum energy in the equations/matrix (do not renormalize), and how it resolves many issues with the standard mainstream approach. 

The Origin of Mass - Technical Review of the paper
International Space Federation

In this technical review of the paper on "The origin of mass and the nature of gravity", we delve into the equations and their implications for our understanding of the universe. We will discuss the role of electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations in the emergence of mass and forces at the proton scale. We discovered an analytical formula that describes both the strong force interaction between protons and the proton's rest mass, all stemming from the energy density of quantum fluctuations at the Planck scale. These findings have profound implications for our comprehension of gravity in the quantum realm, as well as its extension to cosmological scales. The central mechanism behind this discovery lies in the synergy between Einstein's field equations and quantum vacuum fluctuations. These interactions induce an energy screening mechanism that governs quantum decoherence and leads to the emergence of fundamental forces, including the strong force (color force and residual strong force) and the Newtonian gravitational force. This comprehensive framework allows us to unite these fundamental forces, bridging the gap between quantum phenomena and macroscopic physics. Moreover, our research extends beyond the proton scale to provide precise insights into the critical energy density associated with the total mass-energy of the cosmos.


My addition:

That's all she wrote:


Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Proton Decay , Lifetime = ∞

This previous post on proton decay may have inadvertently  both provided a new derivation for the proton radius puzzle and simultaneously proving the proton is infinitely (∞) stable:
  1. First, assume the proton is infinitely (∞) stable, which implies the time derivative of the mass of the proton is zero (0).
  2. B, assume the proton's radius is infinitely (∞) stable, and also set its time derivative to zero (0).
Proton Storm (stretch analogy)

Simply assume the time derivative rate of change of the mass & radius is 0, no changing, thus stable. This simple assumption then gives the form of the solution to the proton radius puzzle as shown in the full derivation originally done June 11, 2015.









[1] This alone is notable - the form of the solution is the same as the actual proton radius puzzle solution equation. 

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