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Phi, Psi, Fo, Fum, Bloch Man's the Man to Git 'er Done!!!

Bloch Man - Willie the Giant

Bloch Wave Functions are solutions to Schrödinger's equation in a periodic crystal (solid-state work, what I do for a living - analog design and the physics behind the devices).  I'm going to look at these next, and phase conjugate equations of this form and do some free-styling and comparing to Dan Winter's work...


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DR. Evil 1

This is for my buddy Fred:

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Get Ahead, Don't Be Left Behind - The Resonance Academy #3

Comet Lovejoy

This outline (see PDF link below) is perhaps the best yet at going over what the Delegate Level One program has to offer - it ain't just about physics.  As a matter of fact, it redefines it all, and brings back into consciousness our ancient origins and much, much more.

$384 and yet get access to:

It's empowering and adds to one's purpose!

Click here or on Academy links on PhxMarkER blog.
(the green of the blog represents the bridge (from lower to higher self), intuition, and the Hermetic traditions)

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Physics or Yi Long (One Dragon) or Mayans, What's Next?

or Mayans?

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PEZ the Duck Coming at You!

Physics and creativity:
PEZ the Duck

Feynman plays the bongos.

Might as well let Feynman monkee around and play the bongos, it's goingto take some time for PEZ the Duck to join up with his Duck Family...

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Work #2 - Fat Bastard, Charming

A lot of crap: (!i!)

"Not playing anymore music, not even for myself..."

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Electron Torque Balances Proton Torque WORK #1

Haramein's equation, with no competing interest:
$$M_PR_P=4 L M$$
(one form of a few)
add to it $M_ER_E$:
$$M_PR_P=4 L M=M_ER_E$$
using The Answers.

Confused / puzzled?

It's all about torque, spin, and balance:
"back of the hand balance..."
By including the whole, looking at proton and electron at same time, progress can be made.

I'll be looking at Schrödinger's wave equation, Dirac's relativistic version, and more to analyze in detail each wave funtion, and put legs on this theory.

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"I have seen the eyes"

Proton-Electron Arc or Arc Length (Covenant of the Arc)

From $M_PR_p=4LM=M_ER_E$ we can solve for the "electron radius" to determine the arc length.

Since this is simply an extension to basic pre-existing quantum mechanics, there is no need to reformulate or revisit all of quantum mechanics - that exercise is left up to the reviewer.   

This equation can be solved to get $R_E$ or we can use and earlier post get get the expression for $R_E$ I developed in 1987-1991:  The Answers

$$R_E={\alpha^2\over \pi R_H}$$
Since we are dealing presently with mono-protonic situations (single proton hydrogen in a low energy, non-ionized, unperturbed state) $R_H$ is used rather than $R_{\infty}$.

What is this electron radius and why is it so huge?  From the equation 
one can see that the torque / spin of the proton is matched by the electron - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the length is such that the product of the electron radius and the electrom mass EQUALS the same 4LM (Haramein's $M_PR_P=4LM$ equation where 
and this balances both the electron and proton to a mass ratio of
$$\mu={\alpha^2\over {\pi r_p R_H}}=1836.15267$$

$$R_E={\alpha^2\over \pi R_H}=1.54463707 10^{-12} m = 1.54463707 pm$$

$$Radius\;of\;Proton={4LM \over M_P}=0.841235641fm$$

The mass of the electron is
$$M_E={M_PR_P\pi R_H\over \alpha^2}$$

Arc length, when dealing with radians, is simply the product of the radius and the angle subtended. Since we are doing the electron for 180 degrees, or $\pi$ radians: $S=\pi Radius$

$$S_{E1}={\alpha^2 \over R_H}=4.85262048pm$$

For comparison, if we made an arc length using the proton radius:
$$S_{proton radius - arc}=R_P \pi= {4Lsqrt(hbar*c/G)*\pi \over M_P}=2.64281971fm$$

More later on interpreting this.

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Proton-Electron Notes #1

updates, additions, edits, laters.. 

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Upcoming: Ground-Shattering Work #1 AND #2

The equation
Lyz and I added to Nassim's brilliant work simply extends Haramein's ideas a little and completes the standard model.

#CERN funding could be questioned now.  What are they doing? The standard model works, is now complete.

What else is left?

That and more upcoming.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

The Resonance Academy post #2

The Resonance Academy is an organization with a mission statement:

Also, more information can be found here:

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Concept for Possible Electron Arc Vortex Resulting from Proton Spinning at Nearly Speed of Light and Blinking In and Out of Vacuum

This is preliminary, however, it is important to show since new concepts are needed as Haramein has been saying for a long time.  It's a little video of a model of the proton spinning and the line is like the electron arc, even though it is much faster and the length of the arc is:

$$R_e={4LM \over M_e}={4Lm_{\ell}\over m_e}={{4L\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_{\infty}}}=$$
$${{\alpha^2\over \pi R_{\infty}}}=1.54463707 \times 10^{-12}meters=1.54463707\;pm$$
$R_{\infty}=R_H=Rydberg\;constant$  (simply dealing with mono-protonic things at this time)
©2015 Mark Eric Rohrbaugh ©2015 Lyz Starwalker
See the Cross (Maltese Cross) starting to show up?
This is pure gold, Jerry, Prue gold.
Kramer, you're really out there.
Kramer: "I'm already gone, Jerry."

Again, this is preliminary and much more work is needed to check multi-nuecleon atoms, etc.

For something similar:

Soon we will be able to handle this and much much more...

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Updated Concepts are Required for Unified Physics

In the long run, who doesn't like turtles? - Mr. Science (part-time gamer)

Mainstream techniques work for technology, however, for science, for life, the life sciences and consciousness, for the essence of Nature, new concepts, whole concepts are required.  This is supported by the many paradoxes and unsolved physics problems using mainstream "science".

A higher level of consciousness is also required and it implies a higher level of responsibility.  Remember the vast ocean that will open once we master gravitational control as mentioned in earlier post(s)?

Such a quantum leap of understanding, awareness and acceptance is necessary , that few ever make it. Nassim Haramein's work, for example, is still poo-pooed by many.  He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, and Facebook will not permit/allow ads to promote The Resonance Academy, (update: it appears Facebook DOES accept Resonance Academy ads) even though his work does a better job predicting the behavior of Nature than the Standard Model (SM) and General Relativity (GR) alone.  Proof is his prediction of the muonic hydrogen proton radius (paper) as well as all of his and his team's work.  (see also scaling law of matter)

Investing in educating our future scientists is where the focus is as the investment on closed minds is a wasted effort.  

Through the eye of the needle and twice through the valley of death must one march even to begin to sniff out reality.  Can you smell it?  Like light sniffing out all paths as Feynman has said...  Don't believe me? Check out the probability summation of light reflected from a diffraction grating and one will see it as light sniffs out all paths.

A good starting point is mainstream science's viewpoint.  Mass, energy, and information is what it's all about.  The mainstream has floundered for decades with unfulfilling theories and ideas - dead-end concepts.  I know this sounds judgmental, and it is, and it has to be stated.  No longer can it be tolerated to leave the typical person  (standard person) out of the picture, uninformed.

Some of these new concepts call for a re-evaluation of exactly the definitions and founding assumptions of mainstream theory. 

Mainstream SM does not have a source of mass of matter and it is clearly the simultaneous solution to Schrödinger's wave equation (see Answers & Questions), properly simplified to Maxwellian like wave equations.  (I will present my old derivation sometime in the future to detail this). By correctly defininig the proton as Haramein has done, then including the electron (the covenant of the electron arc) as Starwalker has added to Haramein's work, this completes the Standard Model and fully accounts for the mass of matter in the newly Completed Standard Model (CSM) - see my posts (Rohrbaugh & Starwalker).

Enough of the Sirius stuff, now time for some fun!

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Herlihy Boy - Please Help the Boy Make a Living!!! For the love of G-d!!!

Posted by on Friday, July 24, 2015

The Resonance Academy #1
And "The Connected Universe" Movie will be coming out later 2015!!!

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Channel 64 The Resonance Project

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Video with Dan Winter and Mark Rohrbaugh

"Dan Winter and Mark Rohrbaugh on Nassim Haramein and team's work"
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The Derivation of the Mass Ratio of the Proton to the Electron

The results and equations are so simple I buried the derivation for about 25+ years until I could self publish on the internet.

It is so very simple that after a brief conversation one would/could easily say "Hey, that's my idea, you stole my idea, so rather than go through all of that I simple saved a copy of "The Answers" knowing it would be easy to rework.

The mathematical derivation, while simple, requires a full understanding of the types of problems that are easily solved by calculus, as well as simple physics, and quantum mechanics.  

I honor those before me that did such good work of which I've made liberal use. 

Nassim Haramein, Elizabeth Rauscher and team have contributed greatly to this work, and as one can see, there is much more work to be done.  We simply need more people aboard.

I will redo the derivation in upcoming posts... B^)

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Some Early Preliminary Notes - PDF File on MS OneDrive

This is a link to some hand written notes to remind me of some ideas to examine:
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Look at the "Pages" links on the right down about 3-4 page down button clicks, there is a list of a few KEY posts (The Question and The Answer, and comments about the upcoming DERIVATION I did in about 1987 or so...

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Galactic Duckie is Rising Up to Meet Bozon T. Clown

It looks like Bozon T. Clown is still in THE BIG TOP.
It's getting lonely at the top, please send The G-G-Galactic Duck up to the top followed by the Blue Earth Pearly White for a special coming message!!!
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The Movie Mark - Happy 4th Y'all

There's a new sheriff in town...
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