Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Concept for Possible Electron Arc Vortex Resulting from Proton Spinning at Nearly Speed of Light and Blinking In and Out of Vacuum

This is preliminary, however, it is important to show since new concepts are needed as Haramein has been saying for a long time.  It's a little video of a model of the proton spinning and the line is like the electron arc, even though it is much faster and the length of the arc is:

$$R_e={4LM \over M_e}={4Lm_{\ell}\over m_e}={{4L\alpha^2\over 4\pi\ell R_{\infty}}}=$$
$${{\alpha^2\over \pi R_{\infty}}}=1.54463707 \times 10^{-12}meters=1.54463707\;pm$$
$R_{\infty}=R_H=Rydberg\;constant$  (simply dealing with mono-protonic things at this time)
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See the Cross (Maltese Cross) starting to show up?
This is pure gold, Jerry, Prue gold.
Kramer, you're really out there.
Kramer: "I'm already gone, Jerry."

Again, this is preliminary and much more work is needed to check multi-nuecleon atoms, etc.

For something similar:

Soon we will be able to handle this and much much more...

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