Saturday, July 25, 2015

Updated Concepts are Required for Unified Physics

In the long run, who doesn't like turtles? - Mr. Science (part-time gamer)

Mainstream techniques work for technology, however, for science, for life, the life sciences and consciousness, for the essence of Nature, new concepts, whole concepts are required.  This is supported by the many paradoxes and unsolved physics problems using mainstream "science".

A higher level of consciousness is also required and it implies a higher level of responsibility.  Remember the vast ocean that will open once we master gravitational control as mentioned in earlier post(s)?

Such a quantum leap of understanding, awareness and acceptance is necessary , that few ever make it. Nassim Haramein's work, for example, is still poo-pooed by many.  He doesn't even have a Wikipedia page, and Facebook will not permit/allow ads to promote The Resonance Academy, (update: it appears Facebook DOES accept Resonance Academy ads) even though his work does a better job predicting the behavior of Nature than the Standard Model (SM) and General Relativity (GR) alone.  Proof is his prediction of the muonic hydrogen proton radius (paper) as well as all of his and his team's work.  (see also scaling law of matter)

Investing in educating our future scientists is where the focus is as the investment on closed minds is a wasted effort.  

Through the eye of the needle and twice through the valley of death must one march even to begin to sniff out reality.  Can you smell it?  Like light sniffing out all paths as Feynman has said...  Don't believe me? Check out the probability summation of light reflected from a diffraction grating and one will see it as light sniffs out all paths.

A good starting point is mainstream science's viewpoint.  Mass, energy, and information is what it's all about.  The mainstream has floundered for decades with unfulfilling theories and ideas - dead-end concepts.  I know this sounds judgmental, and it is, and it has to be stated.  No longer can it be tolerated to leave the typical person  (standard person) out of the picture, uninformed.

Some of these new concepts call for a re-evaluation of exactly the definitions and founding assumptions of mainstream theory. 

Mainstream SM does not have a source of mass of matter and it is clearly the simultaneous solution to Schrรถdinger's wave equation (see Answers & Questions), properly simplified to Maxwellian like wave equations.  (I will present my old derivation sometime in the future to detail this). By correctly defininig the proton as Haramein has done, then including the electron (the covenant of the electron arc) as Starwalker has added to Haramein's work, this completes the Standard Model and fully accounts for the mass of matter in the newly Completed Standard Model (CSM) - see my posts (Rohrbaugh & Starwalker).

Enough of the Sirius stuff, now time for some fun!

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