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Gravitational Control - EM Drive - How It Really Works - A Preliminary Explanation (Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster)

An ancient copy of the I Ching found in the Shanghai, China library reveals that not only do the 64 hexagrams of this...
Posted by Nassim Haramein on Thursday, April 30, 2015
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(keep in mind this post is preliminary, early, speculative thoughts on how EM drive actually works based upon a unified physics approach)

Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster

additional prerequisite reading:

The theory behind EM drive can be understood by reviewing Nassim Haramein's work.  These Google+ links point to the papers at, specifically

Besides the papers, many of Nassim's videos also explain the fundamental concepts underlying the theory behind the EM drive.

So, for the layman and expert alike, it goes something like this: 

EM Drive Theoretical Description
To get gravitational control, or gravitational thrust, one can see from studies of the dynamics at the inside /  outside interface of a black hole event horizon, that there is a relationship between an electromagnetic field and a local gravitational field.  While this black hole setup is quite an unusual and exotic one, it is still instructive to understand the dynamics behind the gravity to electromagnetic field relationship. 
Due to the moving of matter that has charge, the fluid-dynamic like analysis of charged matter flow results in a cross-product solution to the relationship between the local gravity, it's angular velocity,  and  the resultant magnetic field is similar[1] to the solutions to Maxwell's equations for electromagnetic fields.
[1] Maxwell's equations are linear and superposition holds, however, Einstein's equations are non-linear.  Simplified, symmetrical boundary conditions of Einstein's field equations allow for simpler solutions, however, these simpler solutions do not fully model Nature correctly.
This analogy has been known for a long time (mass flow dynamics producing these relationships between gravity and magnetic field), and are impractical for real use applications, however, it points out it is possible.
Now, combine that theoretical analysis with the results from the gravity Probe-B experiment. Gravity probe-B proved Einstein's field equations (EFE) with respect to frame dragging actually proves gravitomagnetism. These phenomena were mentioned and linked in previous posts, and once clearly understood, we can now next move on to a possible explanation of exactly how the effect can be achieved here on Earth with a practical device. 
 So, now, here is how it works. First, one must understand the nature of the fabric of spacetime (a super-fluid like dynamic plasma?).  I'll do my best to explain it, and Nassim's material simply explains it much better and more clearly than I am, however, I want to get to the essence of the phenomena so one can see just how simple it is:
  1.  Understand PSU (Planck Spherical Unit) spacetime quantum fluctuation vacuum energy density dynamic - the quantum foam ocean we've blogged about
  2.  Understand the fully balanced IVM (isometric vector matrix) of the quantum PSU
  3.  Understand that matter is a disturbance or vibration or vortex in the actual quantum vacuum energy fluctuation dynamic (fabric of spacetime - a super-fliud like plasma). Light or EM radiation is a speed of light "c" vibration in the fabric of spacetime (this model also allows visualization of what is causing limitations or push back when an object or piece of matter (fermion) is accelerated towards light speed. (or simply as more and more energy is pumped into an object, the larger its vortex in the fabric of spacetime, thus more massive the object is, so it's more like drag than pushback, however, for every action there is an equal and opposite action)
  4.  A dual-toroidal dynamic in the fabric of spacetime when pumped with enough electromagnetic energy EM plasma (I don't know if a circular vessel of high speed rotating mercury is required, simply I believe it is an EM plasma) can create a similar gravitational-electromagnetic effect as the blackhole event horizon
Now, this EM plasma can be created in different ways.  A simple way is to create a rotating magnetic field as is already done with electric motors, however, an electric turbine (without a physical rotor, but an EM plasma rotor) is needed, like a DC brushless motor driver waveform can create a rotating magnetic field in the correct structure when driven with the correct phase.

So, now, imagine creating a dual-toroidal plasma vortex where one pumps a huge amount of energy into the rotating plasma.  The driving method to create the rotating field can then be modulated to create slight imbalances or symmetry breaking - symmetry breaking when considering that the IVM is the only VM that can fulfil Newton's for every action there is an equal and opposite action. So, by driving the phases properly, one can establish an gravito-electromagnetic thrust that when mounted properly to an airframe and vector direct it to any direction desired. The whole idea is to create an intense EM disturbance, a coherent type toroidal disturbance in the fabric of spacetime and then use it to produce thrust.

The effect, once properly understood and implemented in parallel with a vacuum energy extraction or resonator device to power the whole thing (unless simply getting a vortex started taps into the vacuum energy), likely has immense capabilities,  This is speculation in a theoretical based attempt in the framework of the unified physics to describe some new phenomena that mainstream science is incapable of explaining.

So, basically, a dual-toroidal vortex in the fabric of spacetime can be thought of as analogous (and remember analogies quickly fail) to creating a vortex in the ocean and then a slight imbalance in a thrust-vector fin directs thrust one way or another and propels one forward. (the coupling to the ship would be via mechanically connected electromagnetic forces that are themselves coupled to the local gravitational field. However, it is easier to think of it like pushing off of the super-fluid fabric of spacetime if one puts enough energy into it at the correct symmetry-breaking phase.

The purpose of the toroidal vortex is to use the energetic disturbance in the fabric of spacetime to slightly warp space or break some symmetry to create directional thrust.  Unknown navigation equipment required, however, it is likely a mind link interface.

This is all guess work based upon my understanding of the unified physics, so it is so very prelimary, it could be wrong, however, based in the unified theory, it makes sense and can be rethought unti it makes perfect sense.  And if this is way to far off, I will likely delete it all...

Besides the CERN bowl magnet method (see a previous post - plasma-link-between-local-gravitational),
& related:

The Primer Fields Part 1

there are Nassim Haramein's patents that have a device for performing these kinds of experiments:

I know NASA is talking about an EM horn type antenna thruster, however, the efficiency of this is very low.  Much higher effect is required, thus, the proper resonance pattern with the vacuum of spacetime is required.

Other references (based on vacuum density fluctuation interaction as well):
  1.  Brady, David A.; White, Harold G.; March, Paul; Lawrence, James T.; Davies, Franck J. (30 July 2014).Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum. 50th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauticsdoi:10.2514/6.2014-4029. Retrieved 31 July 2014Lay summary (PDF) – NASA(30 July 2014).
It looks like it's time for some lab work...

... like is happening here:
Related Links

Resonance Project Foundation  Description / Explanation:
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We are All the Same, You Know - Way Dude & Quantum U !!!

Blue Kachina?
Hale Bopp on Canon AE-1 50mm, Kodak 400 ASA 1997
Southeast of Sedona, AZ (I-17 car headlights in image)
(almost as good as NASA)

Catchy tune: - Wayseer Dude.

World Changing:
The Future!

(that's the club) 
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Coming Up: Who's Dressing as Dorothy at CERN's Next Big Celebration?

It looks like it's curtains or curtain call for CERN and their standard model physics.  The manipulator behind the screen is THAT guy!!!:

Dog Gone Dogon DogGod

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The Great Wormholio!

Sirius Wormhole Propaganda

We are all wormhole connected!

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The Yukawa Potential #1

Hermes Trismegistus (born thrice, 3X)

The Yukawa Potential and The Yukawa Interaction 
"can be used to describe the nuclear force between nucleons (which are fermions), mediated by pions (which are pseudoscalar mesons). The Yukawa interaction is also used in the Standard Model to describe the coupling between the Higgs field and massless quark and lepton fields (i.e., the fundamental fermion particles). Through spontaneous symmetry breaking, these fermions acquire a mass proportional to the vacuum expectation value of the Higgs field." -(wikilink)

Thus, The Yukawa Potential and The Yukawa Interaction have to do with the force between protons in the nucleus of an atom. (Also, neutrons, since they are nucleons too).

This Yukawa potential has been used in particle physics to ""model"" how the strength of the force between the nucleons varies.  This is a model of  ""THE STRONG FORCE"", one of  ""4 fundamental forces"".

Nassim Haramein: Singularities Black wHoles Atom, Proton, Gravitation
(Nassim explains here his approach to the Yukawa potential)

And, yes, those are Matt Foley ""double quotes""!!

""not the norm""
What I am here to tell you is the mainstream have used these ideas and estimations / approximations / derivations of various "Yukawa Potentials", and they are all different, all over the map, and scaled to fit a problem:
Figure 1: A comparison of Yukawa potentials where g=1 and with various values for m. (wikilink)

Anyway, if one simply models the relativistic effects
mass dilation using the Lorentz transform, a well known effect from Einstein's Special Relativity - it is the thing that says the speed of light is a constant for every observer and rate of time passage between relative observers slows down as the speed of light is approached, likewise, things shrink in the direction of moving, and the mass increases as one nears c.  This is all part of special relativity, 

one sees that the SAME ANSWERS, SAME SOLUTIONS are arrived at modeling the protons as spinning at (nearly) the speed of light around each other, and the mass increase and then the mass decrease after a collision to knock a proton (or neutron) from the nucleus. is modeled using the mass dilation of special relativity and it falls of very quickly and matches the time constant and resonance frequency of existing measurements as expected. (see PDF below).

So, what has Nassim explained in his same paper that he explains VERY accurately not only a solution to the proton radius problem, but also he explains the origin of mass, relates protons to black holes to the fabric of space time AND DERIVES a BETTER Yukawa potential than ANY of the ones in the rainbow chart above here.

Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass

Haramein, N. (2012). Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, Physical Review & Research International, ISSN: 2231-1815, Page 270-292

Download the PDF
This is what we will be going over within a few posts, yet another successful explanation of the way Nature truly behaves, another aspect of Nassim's unified physics.

It's just not about physics, or simply a few solutions to the unsolved physics problems, it is a unified physics, as above, so below.

So, we are back down 
to 2 (two) 
fundamental forces
gravity and electromagnetism.

The implications to these few fundamental things we have addressed successfully in this blog are more than enough to show that some very significant re-working and re-thinking of our mainstream science and physics and a whole lot more... needed.

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The Penguin Returns!!!

When I listen to the mainstream CERN and TV physicists talk now it sounds like a bunch of quacking. A bunch of Quantum Qwackery!!!
Let me clarify, I mean it makes a LOT of sense at FIRST, then it starts fading to qwack, qwack, qwack.
A little "QQ" for all the boo hooing that's gonna be going on over there... ;-(

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Dwelling Deep in the Halls of CERN - The Dweller of Unal, The Halls of Amenti

When I think about high energy particle physics and study it deeply as possible and compare it to what Thoth has to say in The Emerald Tablets, it makes me wonder...

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Plasma: Link Between Local Gravitational Field and Magnetic Field

From this paper...

Collective Coherent Oscillation Plasma Modes in Surrounding Media of Black Holes and Vacuum Structure – Quantum Processes with Considerations of Spacetime Torque and Coriolis Forces  Haramein, N., Rauscher, E. A. (2005). Collective coherent oscillation plasma modes in surrounding media of black holes and vacuum structure- quantum processes with considerations of spacetime torque and coriolis forces. Orinda: Beyond The Standard Model: Searching for Unity in Physics, 279-331.
Download the PDF
The vacuum rotating gravitational field gives rise to electromagnetic forces which are given by
$$B\propto{\left( {e \over c^3} \right)} {\underline g \times \underline\omega}\;^{[1]}$$
where B is the magnetic field, e is the charge on the electron, c is the velocity of light, g is the local gravitational acceleration, and $\omega$ is the angular velocity of rotation of the body or black hole. 

...we are going to go through this paper and also review the mainstream science about this gravitational effect as well as energy and matter out of the vacuum.

  1. Gravitation Control: Gravitoelectromagnetism is what we need to look into
  2. Infinitely Available Energy: Casimir effect Dynamical Casimir Effect - demonstrates the energy extraction out of the vacuum.
  3. Matter Creation from energy is already  part of our mainstream science, we simply need a good source of energy (from a dynamical Casimir like effect to extract energy form the vacuum or Zero Point Energy - ZPE)

The gravitational electromagnetic interaction is what we are looking to explain a little more completely as the energy and matter concepts are already proven by mainstream science, we just have to get the efficiencies up.

Supporting links for infinitely available energy and matter creation:

A little more research shows in many areas there are "excess" energy experiments where this dynamical Casimir effect is being used to explain what is going on.  The old cold fusion work of Fleischmann–Pons may have been a dynamical Casimir effect (or an atomic structural resonance with the vacuum dynamic) rather than fusion since no expected fusion products or byproducts were observed.
Diagram regarding the confirmation of gravitomagnetism by Gravity Probe B

So, this gravitational electromagnetic interaction mentioned here is from some effects of moving charged matter at the event horizon of  a black hole AND simply happens even in the conditions near Earth as demonstrated by Gravity Probe B.

While the black hole event horizon is a rather exotic environment where the dynamics would produce these effects, what we are interested in is how are we going to be able to get some of this gravitational control here on Earth?

How can we amplify the effect?  It requires a more fundamental understanding of the fabric of space time and the complete Planck scale IVM (isometric vector matrix) - however, Nassim's completed version the 64-star tetrahedron with the full 64, 72, 144 symmetry (the only matrix that allows for every action there is an equal and opposite action) allows for explaining this since his unified physics deeply and correctly explains the fundamental way Nature behaves.  This will become more apparent over time as we continue to plow through the papers at

Well, here's where I'll go out a little on a limb and speculate on gravitational control based upon what I have read and learned, and then over time we will revisit these topics and make any necessary corrections.  However, in the meantime, about gravitational control:

Gravitational control has three generations:
  1. Gravitational Isolation - high voltage Tesla coil like voltage oscillations. 85% reduction in g
  2. 2nd Generation multi-material, multi-layer  rotating super-conducting electromagnetic
  3. 3rd Generation dual-toroidal rotating pattern EM plasma - directional thrust 
The rotating EM plasma, possibly using a CERN magnetic bowl may be the way to go.  The main concept is to create a coherent EM rotating plasma, in the proper resonance pattern, along with some control features, and away we go to the moon!

Bizarre Discovery at CERN

So, that's where we will be heading in future posts, and in the meantime, I hope to complete some of the threads already in progress...

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Next: Gravitational Control, Infinitely Available Energy, Matter Creation

"An epic MR Lahey sh#storm is brewing"

Up Next: Gravitational Control, Infinitely Available Energy, Matter Creation.  The Unified Physics adds these capabilities to our scientific knowledge.

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If we are on the inside of a black hole type structure that is our observable universe$^{[1]}$, then the CMB would be like looking at the 2D surface of our observable universe's black hole (the inside surface).  

This 2D CMB surface includes ALL the information from everything that is in the observable universe and likely then some.  ALL of the information also means the charge and electromagnetic  information, and the total charge is conserved and the total charge in the universe is a balanced in harmony with Nature neutral zero.

There is a theorem in mathematics (the calculus of vector fields), the hairy ball theorem that is directly related to this "COLD SPOT".  That is the spot where the vector field necessarily tends towards zero due to the Hairy Ball Theorem when applied to electromagnetic fields (Maxwell's equations - the stuff electrical engineers Excel in).

Compare to:

The Surfer, OM-IV

Einstein Field Equations (EFE) and Haramein Torque (Turbine Twist)

It's time to get yer turbines in a twist!!!

Einstein Field Equations (EFE):
$$R_{\mu\nu}-\dfrac{1}{2}g_{\mu\nu}R=\dfrac{8\pi G}{c^4}T_{\mu\nu}$$
This is a compact form of a set of equations that can be written in an 11x11 matrix (2 time dimensions, and 9 space dimensions, the 2 time dimensions are usually collapsed into 1, and likewise, the 9 space dimensions can be shown to reduce to 3).

The left side are terms that have traditionally been considered to account for the curvature or warpage of space (spacetime). (I say traditionally because we may find out soon that the way the mainstream science looks at things may not be exactly 100% correct)

The right side terms are concerned with energy and mass and such thus each side must carefully considered the entire process to fully account for how Nature behaves.

If one can simply add in a $\Lambda g_{\mu\nu}$ and then play experimental games comparing observation to theory, then one could simple add torque and the cosmological term and use a specific matrix to represent the fabric of spacetime as it truly is and play the same games comparing observation to theory:

$$R_{\mu\nu}-\dfrac{1}{2}g_{\mu\nu}R-\Lambda\eta_{\mu\nu}=\dfrac{8\pi G}{c^4}T_{\mu\nu}+\dfrac{8\pi G}{c^4}\ell\tau_{\mu\nu}$$

$-\Lambda\eta_{\mu\nu}$ and $+\dfrac{8\pi G}{c^4}\ell\tau_{\mu\nu}$ terms are:
$\eta_{\mu\nu}$ is the metric of the tensor for the $U_4$ topological space and $\tau_{\mu\nu}$ it the torque term.

This approach results in a much closer match between theory and observation.

Nassim's torque.pdf paper "The Origin of Spin" clearly goes over this (since 2004). 

Even the casual observer can see that this theory matches the observations more closely than the limited early approach with the same equations:
(from NASA)

It simply requires a clear mind and clear thinking to see this is the same science as Einstein et al, only Nassim has more clearly and accurately defined the boundary conditions and the fundamental theoretical assumptions.

A careful analysis shows a non-zero value for the cosmological constant ($\Lambda$, the density of the vacuum of space).  We will analyze this further as we dive deeper ALSO into Nassim's torque paper as well as wrapping up the $M_P R_P=4LM$ derivation.  During this deep dive into Nassim's torque paper, we will be examining the fundamental concept of the density of the vacuum of space time, as I have been using it to derive equations, to see if it is consistent with what EFE has to say about energy, matter,  and space.  And we will revisit, totally, logically, the underlying fundamental theoretical assumptions that form the basis of our modern theories and how to correctly account for the way Nature truly behaves.

I do have one question:  what's the big hold up? 
(What the mainstream professionals have been saying to Nassim since the 1970's)

Nassim has got "to learn to stick his nose in there!"

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It Truly is a Connected Universe

more later...

The Box Mainstream Science is In

Not quite like this desert phone booth, The Mojave Connection...

More like this one:

The classic phone booth with the doors that closed by pushing from the in sides.  Ya know what kinda booth I'm talking about?  Well, I last saw a full-sized one of those up in Crown King, AZ.  It's an old mining town about 25 miles (1hr) off of I-17 between Phoenix and Prescott. 

Anyway, it's a nice destination for the city slicker wanting to get out of town for the weekend.  And I was up there once and sitting outside the General Store, I watched a kid, about maybe 10 years old kinda wander a step or two into the phone booth while his family was talking about their next thing.  He pushed on the door and it snapped shut like a trap and he INSTANTLY went off like the Tazmanian Devil in that there phone booth, then quickly caught wits of himself and pulled on the door, stepped out, looked around, I pretended like I hadn't noticed at all to prevent him any embarrassment. Sort of like an Englishman apologizing for existing,..
This is the same box mainstream science finds itself ensconced in: a self-created limiting box of theories that don't quite add up, don't quite account for all the energy and dynamics of Nature.  However, and easy box to step out of with the right perspective, so we must now get in tune.

And the clue is in the spin, the torque and Coriolis, the twist, the whirling and the twirling, so here we go again:

Bugs Bunny's square dance in 'Hillbilly Hare'(amein)   ;-)

I hope we break out soon!

More later,
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A Little Deeper Look into the Quantum World

I first read Gรถdel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid  (GEB) in the early 80's while in college and learning to design microprocessors while co-oping at DEC in Hudson, Mass.  What I most remember about GEB is Kurt Gรถdel's The Incompleteness Theorem.  

Modern mainstream science is incomplete.  There are many unsolved problems and even the top physicists in the field admit they have serious concerns and there are many unanswered questions.

So, when it fails, The Standard Model, and CERN LHC will prove it fails soon, what's left? What's next? What other theory could possibly work to explain the way Nature truly behaves?

For the answer to that, Sherlock Holmes says:
How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth? (wikilink)
 What remains is the impossible, and that impossible is just what the main stream tells you:

Sci-Fi Science: Physics of the Impossible with  Dr Michio Kaku

He knows there are no limits to stupidity...

Dr Michio Kaku does a very good job of explaining the present state of science and technology and pointing towards a future set of possibilities.  One skilled in the latest of the unified physics can see while Kaku is optimistic about science's abilities, he in no way is aware of the physics and science behind some of future machines, such as anti-gravity and warp drive.  These things require a basic understanding of the fabric of spacetime, and Kaku makes that very clear he is not aware of the immense magnitude of the density of the vacuum energy. And that's OK, as I'm ignorant of much of his String Theory. 

About the best thing we can hope to come out of string theory is some sort of bridge from the old theory to the new.

So, really, what this post is about is, as we know, for the #LHC to examine things at higher and higher resolution requires higher and higher energies, and these higher energies are higher frequencies and shorter wavelengths.  A short wavelength is required to get fine resolution.These high energies tear things apart, protons, etc. 

So, what we are taking about is reductionism - taking the problem apart. Reducing it to smaller "handleable" problems. This approach ignores the whole, the interaction with the environment, and misses the essence of the problem and of life. 
Simply said, by tearing things apart to see what they're made of and what makes them tick misses and destroys the whole. The whole which provides the why, once understood.

This approach of #CERN #LHC has no end.  Just like the Koch zoom in above has no end, there is no limit to the insanity.

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