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Plasma: Link Between Local Gravitational Field and Magnetic Field

From this paper...

Collective Coherent Oscillation Plasma Modes in Surrounding Media of Black Holes and Vacuum Structure – Quantum Processes with Considerations of Spacetime Torque and Coriolis Forces  Haramein, N., Rauscher, E. A. (2005). Collective coherent oscillation plasma modes in surrounding media of black holes and vacuum structure- quantum processes with considerations of spacetime torque and coriolis forces. Orinda: Beyond The Standard Model: Searching for Unity in Physics, 279-331.
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The vacuum rotating gravitational field gives rise to electromagnetic forces which are given by
$$B\propto{\left( {e \over c^3} \right)} {\underline g \times \underline\omega}\;^{[1]}$$
where B is the magnetic field, e is the charge on the electron, c is the velocity of light, g is the local gravitational acceleration, and $\omega$ is the angular velocity of rotation of the body or black hole. 

...we are going to go through this paper and also review the mainstream science about this gravitational effect as well as energy and matter out of the vacuum.

  1. Gravitation Control: Gravitoelectromagnetism is what we need to look into
  2. Infinitely Available Energy: Casimir effect Dynamical Casimir Effect - demonstrates the energy extraction out of the vacuum.
  3. Matter Creation from energy is already  part of our mainstream science, we simply need a good source of energy (from a dynamical Casimir like effect to extract energy form the vacuum or Zero Point Energy - ZPE)

The gravitational electromagnetic interaction is what we are looking to explain a little more completely as the energy and matter concepts are already proven by mainstream science, we just have to get the efficiencies up.

Supporting links for infinitely available energy and matter creation:

A little more research shows in many areas there are "excess" energy experiments where this dynamical Casimir effect is being used to explain what is going on.  The old cold fusion work of Fleischmann–Pons may have been a dynamical Casimir effect (or an atomic structural resonance with the vacuum dynamic) rather than fusion since no expected fusion products or byproducts were observed.
Diagram regarding the confirmation of gravitomagnetism by Gravity Probe B

So, this gravitational electromagnetic interaction mentioned here is from some effects of moving charged matter at the event horizon of  a black hole AND simply happens even in the conditions near Earth as demonstrated by Gravity Probe B.

While the black hole event horizon is a rather exotic environment where the dynamics would produce these effects, what we are interested in is how are we going to be able to get some of this gravitational control here on Earth?

How can we amplify the effect?  It requires a more fundamental understanding of the fabric of space time and the complete Planck scale IVM (isometric vector matrix) - however, Nassim's completed version the 64-star tetrahedron with the full 64, 72, 144 symmetry (the only matrix that allows for every action there is an equal and opposite action) allows for explaining this since his unified physics deeply and correctly explains the fundamental way Nature behaves.  This will become more apparent over time as we continue to plow through the papers at

Well, here's where I'll go out a little on a limb and speculate on gravitational control based upon what I have read and learned, and then over time we will revisit these topics and make any necessary corrections.  However, in the meantime, about gravitational control:

Gravitational control has three generations:
  1. Gravitational Isolation - high voltage Tesla coil like voltage oscillations. 85% reduction in g
  2. 2nd Generation multi-material, multi-layer  rotating super-conducting electromagnetic
  3. 3rd Generation dual-toroidal rotating pattern EM plasma - directional thrust 
The rotating EM plasma, possibly using a CERN magnetic bowl may be the way to go.  The main concept is to create a coherent EM rotating plasma, in the proper resonance pattern, along with some control features, and away we go to the moon!

Bizarre Discovery at CERN

So, that's where we will be heading in future posts, and in the meantime, I hope to complete some of the threads already in progress...

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  1. Sou uma admiradora do seu trabalho, Mark. Embora sendo leiga nessa disciplina, sinto um grande fascínio pela Física, especialmente a Mecânicas Quântica.

    Aquela postagem onde o ramo de flores pulsa em uníssono com um coração, eh verdadeiramente estupendo. demonstra bem o postulado de que somos UM e estamos conectados com o TODO. O que precisamos eh sair da BOLHA que nos prende neste orbe, para que possamos navegar os universos e multiversos, escapando da tri dimensão para a tetra e mult dimensões.

    1. I think with a little more balance and Light, we're going to the stars!

    2. I think with a little more balance and Light, we're going to the stars!

  2. added image: Diagram regarding the confirmation of gravitomagnetism by Gravity Probe B

  3. If one has been following the flow of this blog, an underlying theme is the immense density of the vacuum of spacetime D=6M/(piL^3)=T, and the basic Planck scale complete IVM matrix (flower of life pattern) that all of Nature follows, then one can see where the deeper information is, and that is in the disturbances in this fabric of spacetime. These disturbances or vibrations or oscillations or whatever are what manifests in our universe. So, we will be needing to look into the theory behind all of this as Nassim has done in the process of creating this extension to Einstein's and Planck's work.


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