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Advanced Geometric Physics Solutions - Video - and PDF course notes (top):New Recording just up-Advanced Geometric Physics with Mark Rohrbaugh and Dan Winter- ( ) new course film 140 minutes- at the conclusion there is also an update on our analysis and next step with Keshe prototype- see also — with Mark Rohrbaugh.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pi - Calculated with Proton Radius - Haramein's Radius vs. CODATA Radius

This excel screen snapshot shows the optimum value for the proton radius is 0.8412fm, Haramein's proton prediction and the 2010 & 2013 muonic hydrogen proton radius measurements.

The CODATA value, 0.8768fm is sadly in error... implying the standard model tools fail.

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Fractal U: Class #2 : Advanced Phase-Conjugate Fractal Physics

Dan Winter's second Fractal U class upcoming!

Sunday November 8, 2015 @ 12noon MST

I will be making a cameo appearance!

See for full schedule.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FractalU: Advanced Geometric Physics

Saturday, October 17, 2015

FractalU: Dan Winter & Team - LearnItLive!!!

Advanced Fractal Geometric Physics Solutions
- Course Outline / PowerPoint announced for "

In this course we will be reviewing solutions to advanced physics problems using Nassim Haramein’s work and showing the simplicity of the approach. Using a simple geometric and information theory approach, assuming a constant density of the vacuum, we will solve for the black hole mass-radius relationship, the proton mass, the proton radius puzzle, and present a few new precise equations for the proton to electron mass ratio and Avogadro’s constant.
We will relate this to sacred geometry and Dan Winter’s phi ratio and discuss the importance of this material and the implications to this new way of thinking about the vacuum – the fabric of space-time.
• Vacuum energy
• Haramein’s PSU
• Link to sacred geometry and Dan Winter’s phi ratio equation
• Density of the vacuum
• Ether – superfluid
• Implications
• Connectedness
• What is mass?
• Richard Feynman’s comments
• Importance
• CERN LHC IS attempting to answer with Higgs bozon
• What problems can be solved using this approach?
• Black hole mass, radius
• Proton mass, radius
• Proton radius puzzle
• Dan Winter’s ionized hydrogen radius equation
• Proton to electron mass ratio – precise equation
• How this supports Haramein’s proton radius prediction
• Relates 6 fundamental constants
• Avogadro’s constant
• Summary
• Implications of this approach
• Different way of thinking
• New worldview

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WikiPedia: Proton to Electron Mass Ratio

Click link to see Equation for $\mu$ !!!

Maybe this will pull physics out of the abyss it is in!

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Avogadro Constant Calculated - New Equation with Muonic Hydrogen Proton Radius

Using Haramein's proton radius equation (the one that predicted the muonic hydrogen proton radius) and the equation we derived in this blog for $\mu={m_p\over m_e}$, we can derived an expression for Avogadro's Constant which is even more accurate than the mainstream value:
$$N_A={A_r(e)M_u\over m_e}$$
$$N_A={{A_r(e)M_u\alpha^2}\over{4\pi\ell m_{\ell}R_\infty}}$$
$$N_A={{A_r(e)M_u\alpha^2}\over{\pi r_pm_pR_\infty}}$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$m_e=$ mass of electron
$R_\infty=R_H=$ Rydberg Constant
$\ell=$ Planck length
$m_\ell=$ Planck mass

$N_A(new)=6.02214129 \dots \;\;\; \times10^{23}\;per\;mole$
$N_A(old)\;\:=6.022140857(74) \times 10^{23}\;per\;mole$

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Monday, August 17, 2015

New Equation for $\pi$

Love Puppies for pi!!!

It is also a new way to calculate $\pi:$
$$\pi={{\alpha^2 m_e}\over{r_pR_Hm_p}}={{\alpha^2 m_e}\over{4\ell m_{\ell}R_H}}$$
$m_pr_p=4\ell m_{\ell}\;(Haramein's\;Equation)$

Google Calculator Link for new $\pi\;equation:$
Google Calculator link for $\pi$

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Proton Radius Puzzle

How is it that the muonic hydrogen radius works perfectly in this equation in this post:


Six (6) fundamental constants related in ONE equation. Bazinga! Can you beat that?

It is also a new way to calculate $\pi:$
$$\pi={{\alpha^2 m_e}\over{r_pR_Hm_p}}={{\alpha^2 m_e}\over{4\ell m_{\ell}R_H}}$$
$m_pr_p=4\ell m_{\ell}\;(Haramein's\;Equation)$

Google Calculator Link for new $\pi\;equation:$
Google Calculator link for $\pi$

More later,
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Razor's Edge - The Muonic Hydrogen Proton Radius in Denominator for $\mu$ - Proton / Electron Mass Ratio!!!

It is very significant to note that the EXACT muonic proton radius from 2010 & 2013 is needed in the equation for $\mu$, the proton to electron mass ratio, and the Planck mass to proton mass ratio (Haramein's equation).

$$\mu={m_p\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over\pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267$$

$\mu$ is a dimensionless ratio and is an importantly noted significant physical constant.

Google Calculator Link Using Built-in Constants and Haramein's proton equation:*(planck+length)*sqrt(hbar*c%2FG)%2Fm_p%3D&oq=(fine&aqs=chrome.3.69i57j69i59l3.7597j0j8&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=122&ie=UTF-8

Exactly how significant????  It is like a razor, in the denominator.  If $r_p$ is off by 4%, then $1836.15267\dots$ is off by nearly 4%, ${1\over{1-x}}\approx{1+x}$.

While the mainstream physics community waits for the new experiments, we can simply review these equations from this post: and see that the measurements REQUIRE the proton radius to be the muonic radius from 2010 & 2013 to make the $\mu=1836.15267$ be right on (as well as make Haramein's equation correct in its prediction of the muonic proton radius).

This is serious stuff.  It's time to move forward and see where this takes us rather than wait another few decades on the lamestream...

$\pi r_p = Arc\;Length$, this also is significant to note.  When angles are measured in radians ($2\pi\;radians = 360\;degrees$), the arc length subtended by a radius is simply the product of the radius and the angle.  Could this be the Arc of the Covenant knowledge required to tap into energy of the vacuum?

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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Resonance Academy #5 - $384 - What is the Hold-Up??? Fall is coming... Get your Knowledge on!
Posted by on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Get your Knowledge on! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

PEZ the Duck Meets Galactic Duck

Galactic Duck says "You put yourself up on quite a pedestal there PEZ!"

It won't be long now before we join forces with Ancient Eqyptian  and finally meet Bozon T. Clown!!!  What possibly could Bozon T. have to say at this point? And what DOES the T. stand for?

That and many more questions answered as the Ducks gravitate upwards through the gravitational post barrier of

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Repost: Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass A Deeper Look

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ancient Egyptian Duck - The Resonance Academy #4 / Project Rubber Ducky Mascott

Ancient Egyptian Duck

Unraveling every riddle, Egyptian Duck is at the top of the heap, or he should be.  Please help Egyptian Duck to the top of popular post page for a special post!

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Golden Ratio ($\varphi$) Fractally embedded in Nature - Platonic Solids

From wikipedia page on Platonic solid:

Cartesian coordinates[edit]

For Platonic solids centered at the origin, simple Cartesian coordinates are given below. The Greek letter φ is used to represent the golden ratio \tfrac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}.

Cartesian coordinates
Vertices46 (2×3)812 (4×3)20 (8+4×3)

(±1, 0, 0)
(0, ±1, 0)
(0, 0, ±1)
(±1, ±1, ±1)
(0, ±1, ±φ)
(±1, ±φ, 0)
(±φ, 0, ±1)

(0, ±φ, ±1)
(±φ, ±1, 0)
(±1, 0, ±φ)
(±1, ±1, ±1)
(0, ±1/φ, ±φ)
(±1/φ, ±φ, 0)
φ, 0, ±1/φ)
(±1, ±1, ±1)
(0, ±φ, ±1/φ)
φ, ±1/φ, 0)
(±1/φ, 0, ±φ)
ImageCubeAndStel.svgDual Cube-Octahedron.svgIcosahedron-golden-rectangles.svgCube in dodecahedron.png
Note significantly $\varphi$,  the golden ratio \tfrac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2}.,  is all over the Platonic solids.

Considering that $\varphi$, the Golden ratio has been shown by many to be fractally embedded in all of Nature, Dan Winter's work is significanlty taking off where the ancients left off and giving meaning to:

...and more. <-- interesting as well!

WHERE IS PEZ THE DUCK?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Search for PEZ in this blog and bring him up the chain of posts to meet Bozon T. and his other Duck Family members!!!

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Seinfled "The PEZ"

Saturday, August 1, 2015

(Ionized) Hydrogen Radii I, II, III, Using Google Calculator

Signed Jeanie bottle 2011 (signed by Barbara Eden and the late Larry Hagman)

Dan Winter's amazing breakthrough work / equation is of the form:

$$Radii\;or\;Wavelength = \ell \times \phi^n = L \times \Phi^N $$
$\ell = L= Planck\;Length$
$\phi = \Phi= Golden\;Ratio$
$n= N \in Integers$

Here is using the google calculator in Chrome to calculate ionized hydrogen radii I, II, III:

Radii I    = $\ell \phi^{116}=$ 0.282527789Å
Radii II   = $\ell \phi^{117}=$ 0.457139566Å
Radii III  = $\ell \phi^{118}=$ 0.739667355Å

$\ell = L = Planck\;Length = 1.61619926 \times 10^{-35}meters$
$\phi =\Phi = Golden\;Ratio = $ 1.61803398875

Google Calculator Links for Ionized Hydrogen Radii:

Where does this equation come from?  From the mind of a genius, Dan Winter.  Upon further analysis, since things in Nature unfold from an embedded fractal of the golden mean ratio, $\Phi$, it is clear Dan is on the right path, AND THE ONLY PATH to function coherently with and within Nature.

Here is a link to a PDF paper on the ionized hydrogen radii (I, II, and III):

This next comment requires further evaluation, however, it looks like Dan's equation IS the one key solution to Dirac's equation that allows for gravity, life, etc.  Dirac's equation is a relativistic form of the Schrodinger wave equation.  These are key quantum mechanical equations that explain information about matter on very small scales, and in some limit or another will approach macroscopic behavior.  This is significant key work Dan has been doing and it will soon be linked to mainstream science, if this step has not already done so.  A few more hours to review....

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Before the (information) Flood: The Beauty of Water - Water HAS Memory

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Phi, Psi, Fo, Fum, Bloch Man's the Man to Git 'er Done!!!

Bloch Man - Willie the Giant

Bloch Wave Functions are solutions to Schrödinger's equation in a periodic crystal (solid-state work, what I do for a living - analog design and the physics behind the devices).  I'm going to look at these next, and phase conjugate equations of this form and do some free-styling and comparing to Dan Winter's work...


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DR. Evil 1

This is for my buddy Fred:

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get Ahead, Don't Be Left Behind - The Resonance Academy #3

Comet Lovejoy

This outline (see PDF link below) is perhaps the best yet at going over what the Delegate Level One program has to offer - it ain't just about physics.  As a matter of fact, it redefines it all, and brings back into consciousness our ancient origins and much, much more.

$384 and yet get access to:

It's empowering and adds to one's purpose!

Click here or on Academy links on PhxMarkER blog.
(the green of the blog represents the bridge (from lower to higher self), intuition, and the Hermetic traditions)

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Physics or Yi Long (One Dragon) or Mayans, What's Next?

or Mayans?

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PEZ the Duck Coming at You!

Physics and creativity:
PEZ the Duck

Feynman plays the bongos.

Might as well let Feynman monkee around and play the bongos, it's goingto take some time for PEZ the Duck to join up with his Duck Family...

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Work #2 - Fat Bastard, Charming

A lot of crap: (!i!)

"Not playing anymore music, not even for myself..."

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Electron Torque Balances Proton Torque WORK #1

Haramein's equation, with no competing interest:
$$M_PR_P=4 L M$$
(one form of a few)
add to it $M_ER_E$:
$$M_PR_P=4 L M=M_ER_E$$
using The Answers.

Confused / puzzled?

It's all about torque, spin, and balance:
"back of the hand balance..."
By including the whole, looking at proton and electron at same time, progress can be made.

I'll be looking at Schrödinger's wave equation, Dirac's relativistic version, and more to analyze in detail each wave funtion, and put legs on this theory.

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"I have seen the eyes"

Proton-Electron Arc or Arc Length (Covenant of the Arc)

From $M_PR_p=4LM=M_ER_E$ we can solve for the "electron radius" to determine the arc length.

Since this is simply an extension to basic pre-existing quantum mechanics, there is no need to reformulate or revisit all of quantum mechanics - that exercise is left up to the reviewer.   

This equation can be solved to get $R_E$ or we can use and earlier post get get the expression for $R_E$ I developed in 1987-1991:  The Answers

$$R_E={\alpha^2\over \pi R_H}$$
Since we are dealing presently with mono-protonic situations (single proton hydrogen in a low energy, non-ionized, unperturbed state) $R_H$ is used rather than $R_{\infty}$.

What is this electron radius and why is it so huge?  From the equation 
one can see that the torque / spin of the proton is matched by the electron - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the length is such that the product of the electron radius and the electrom mass EQUALS the same 4LM (Haramein's $M_PR_P=4LM$ equation where 
and this balances both the electron and proton to a mass ratio of
$$\mu={\alpha^2\over {\pi r_p R_H}}=1836.15267$$

$$R_E={\alpha^2\over \pi R_H}=1.54463707 10^{-12} m = 1.54463707 pm$$

$$Radius\;of\;Proton={4LM \over M_P}=0.841235641fm$$

The mass of the electron is
$$M_E={M_PR_P\pi R_H\over \alpha^2}$$

Arc length, when dealing with radians, is simply the product of the radius and the angle subtended. Since we are doing the electron for 180 degrees, or $\pi$ radians: $S=\pi Radius$

$$S_{E1}={\alpha^2 \over R_H}=4.85262048pm$$

For comparison, if we made an arc length using the proton radius:
$$S_{proton radius - arc}=R_P \pi= {4Lsqrt(hbar*c/G)*\pi \over M_P}=2.64281971fm$$

More later on interpreting this.

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Proton-Electron Notes #1

updates, additions, edits, laters.. 

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