Saturday, October 17, 2015

FractalU: Dan Winter & Team - LearnItLive!!!

Advanced Fractal Geometric Physics Solutions
- Course Outline / PowerPoint announced for "

In this course we will be reviewing solutions to advanced physics problems using Nassim Haramein’s work and showing the simplicity of the approach. Using a simple geometric and information theory approach, assuming a constant density of the vacuum, we will solve for the black hole mass-radius relationship, the proton mass, the proton radius puzzle, and present a few new precise equations for the proton to electron mass ratio and Avogadro’s constant.
We will relate this to sacred geometry and Dan Winter’s phi ratio and discuss the importance of this material and the implications to this new way of thinking about the vacuum – the fabric of space-time.
• Vacuum energy
• Haramein’s PSU
• Link to sacred geometry and Dan Winter’s phi ratio equation
• Density of the vacuum
• Ether – superfluid
• Implications
• Connectedness
• What is mass?
• Richard Feynman’s comments
• Importance
• CERN LHC IS attempting to answer with Higgs bozon
• What problems can be solved using this approach?
• Black hole mass, radius
• Proton mass, radius
• Proton radius puzzle
• Dan Winter’s ionized hydrogen radius equation
• Proton to electron mass ratio – precise equation
• How this supports Haramein’s proton radius prediction
• Relates 6 fundamental constants
• Avogadro’s constant
• Summary
• Implications of this approach
• Different way of thinking
• New worldview

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