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Derivation of MpRp=4LM #7

Joshua Tree, CA (photo credit: Lyz Starwalker) 

A side thing to think about while reading this blog:
Civilization now revolves around economic desires
 rather than awareness and consciousness

Links to the holographic principle of physics: 
(as well as a principle known as the correspondence theorem, which demonstrates the equivalence of 4D (spacetime) black holes to quantum entangled systems described in higher dimensions (another application of the holographic correspondence in physics):

The final resolution to the derivation of the proton radius.mass relationship depends upon the $2\eta \over R$ term of:
$$m_p={2\eta \over R}m_\ell$$
$\eta={A\over A_{\ell c}}$ <-- information theory argument (holographic principle and correspondence theorem - 4D spacetime can be represented on a 2D surface area of a black hole

$R={V\over V_{\ell c}}$ <-- simple geometric argument

Where A is the surface area of the proton, and V is the volume of the proton.

...or more specifically, the $\eta$ term.  Again, from earlier posts,
As mentioned in an earlier post, $\eta$ and $R$ are large number ratios that were mentioned by early theorists as "items" of interest.  Indeed, these large number ratios and Fibonacci/phi ratios (phi, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 20, ...) and Platonic geomtries are significant in the development of the unified theory.

These links above, provide supporting information for the derivation of the eta term.  Besides these arguments, a high-level review of the thinking that leads up to this work clearly indicates the predictive quality of this theory - an accuracy of the theory ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE PLANCK scale.  And this theory is way more encompassing than these simple black hole and proton calculations.

So, in summary,
Algebraic Form:
$M_P=$ Mass of proton
$R_P=$ Radius of proton
$L=$ Planck Length
$M=$ Planck Mass

Geometric Form (Information Theory - IT):
$$m_p={2\eta \over R}m_\ell$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$\eta=$ ratio of proton surface area to equatorial cross-sectional area of Planck Spherical Unit (PSU)
$R=$ ratio of volume of proton to volume of PSU
$m_\ell=$ Planck mass

Clearly* the physics theory and approach outlined matches the data better than the mainstream theory matches the data on not only this proton radius problem, but also the approach works for MANY of the unsolved physics problems.  It is just a matter of time for the mainstream to catch up or be left behind.

There is a lot more than one can say about these equations, however, the focus to complete this work also requires some different thinking:
David Frawley in his book Gods, Sages and Kings which deals with the Vedic culture in general but also covers the Seven Sages, proposed the highly intriguing idea that:
  • civilization back then did not revolve around economic desires and values,
  •  but rather was ruled by the spiritual, and by a spiritual awareness and a harmony with the One, with nature, and with the cosmos.
First Post of PhxMarker - Proton Calculations - Google Calculator, etc

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A Summary Explanation of Nassim's Haramein's Work

A summary explanation of Nassim Haramein's work.
(the stuff other than the Proton Radius Puzzle)
Posted by on Sunday, May 24, 2015
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Nerd Fight #1 - See G+ / YouTube comments...

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Nerd Fight, is a fight where the ego takes more of the bruising.

Unified Physics beating up the mainstream science bully.

Slushball to the face!

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Tenfold Symmetry - What's the Significance???

The mainstream's theories used to say certain things were not possible: reported his observations on how Nature truly behaves:
Robert Blake the kitty showin' 'em the black hole.

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Miracles - ICP

Insane Clown Posse - Miracles

Fucking magnets, how do they work?
And I don't wanna talk to a scientist
Y'all motherfuckers lying, and getting me pissed 

Who would have known ICP was telling the truth here?  The mainstream scientists are either lying or fooling themselves or being negligent.  There is no excuse in these modern times of the Information Age (IA) to be left so far behind.

Bill O'Reilly one day will have to apologize to ICP.

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Intimately Wormhole Connected

"The Holographic Universe", Michael Talbot

We are all Intimately Wormhole Connected.  Hello good buddy. Tickle, Tickle!!!
Bio-Crystalline oscillators Giordan and Dutchess

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Embassador Kaku Inadvertently Dooms Mankind...

Dr. Michio Kaku greeting aliens with his Silly String Theory.

Michio Kaku Aliens Exist!! Contact with ETs Imminent!!
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Feynman to the Future Historians (US) - Kaku-Nutz

Cookoo for Kaku-Nutz!!!
I bet Michio Kaku couldn't even explain what this animated gif is!
Google Plus Link here:

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The Next Logical Step - Consciousness

It's not just about physics, and I am attempting to find a way to move from the mainstream to the next step... How does one develop the idea of a conscious fabric of spacetime?

Luckily the multi-disciplinary work is already being done:

The Next Step : Vinita Bali​ In Conversation With Sadhguru

More later,
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Minecraft - MoonQuest 73 - A Whole New World

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Multidisciplinary Approach

Multiple disciplines are necessary when dealing with unified physics.  

The shotgun approach of blasting out appropriate concepts from the many and relative disciplines while setting the stage for connecting these sometimes disconnected, isolated fields of study is part of the method of this blog.  

We have already seen from early simple examples how we solved for the black hole mass.radius relationship and got the same answer as the Schwarzschild solution using concepts from apparently dissimilar fields, and Nassim's solution to the proton mass.radius relationship uses results from multiple disciplines.

We're going to have to get back on the right track and see where this is going and continue our investigation.  

So far I have not found any $M_PR_P=4LM$ ($m_pr_p=4\ell m_\ell$) derivation errors.
 $M_P=$Proton Mass
 $R_P=$Proton Radius
 $L=$Planck Length
 $M=$Planck Mass
 $m_p=$Proton Mass
 $r_p=$Proton Radius
 $\ell=$Planck Length
 $m_\ell=$Planck Mass

Everything I have examined in Nassim's proton paper...:
Quantum Gravity and the Holographic MassHaramein, N. (2012). Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass, Physical Review & Research International, ISSN: 2231-1815, Page 270-292Download the PDF
... is clearly correct and agrees with measurement to a higher degree of accuracy than current accepted mainstream physics.  The proton radius problem has been solved by Nassim Haramein, et al.
Now, the work truly begins...
1934 Men in Black

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The Three Stooges 103 All Gummed Up 1947

Maxwell's Equations #1

An interesting fact about Maxwell's Equations is (from wikilink):
"The direct space–time formulations make manifest that the Maxwell equations are relativistically invariant (in fact studying the hidden symmetry of the vector calculus formulation was a major source of inspiration for relativity theory). "
That means they already had relativity built into them EVEN before 1905:

We are going to examine how Maxwell's Equations are used to investigate certain phenomena, like, look at the boundary conditions and initial conditions and formulations of problems to:

  1. Understand Maxwell's field equations and their significance
  2. See how some simple cases are used in technology
  3. Look at solutions wholly as the Electric Universe people have done
  4. What is required for a ToE? (Theory of Everything)
The Electric Universe Theory (EUT), which I find very complimentary to the Unified Physics of Nassim Haramein (Haramein Unified THeory - HUT) et al, however, my investigation is ongoing, and being that I am looking for a GUT or HUT, and it is now very clear going down these paths (EU and HUT) in our continuing investigation is the way to go.

Maxwell's Equations are the theory behind what I do to make a living - designing mixed signal analog digital circuits that work in real modern advanced systems - the stuff that makes your cell phone base stations easily programmable via software to create a new modulation/coding/whatever scheme (3G, 4G, NextGen like idea).  Software radio like stuff, which can be done with very high speed low noise interpolating D-A converters. The stuff was so advanced, it was the first stuff we had to get approval to send oversees...

So, that said, I am going to revisit Maxwell's Equations and see what others have done in the last century, focusing on modern developments in light of insight into the unified physics approach.

A quick preview example:
Gauss's law for magnetism: magnetic field lines never begin nor end but form loops or extend to infinity as shown here with the magnetic field due to a ring of current.

I want to look into, for example, a magnetic monopole, as some recent researchers have done:
Ref. 2
A condensate of cold atoms can be a model for a magnetic monopole, in which the magnetic field jots out of an isolated pole — except in one direction where there is no field.

Anyway, there is QUITE a difference between these two images and something implied by magnetic monopoles that we need to look into...
More later,
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"Invitation to Wright Patterson Air Force Base - Refused"

When I was in college, my grades freshman year were so high (with much conscious effort on my part) that the USAF granted me the ROTC scholarship that paid tuition and books.

Also, they invited me to go to Wright Patterson Air Force Base just north of Cincinnati for a tour.

I did not go.

The officers later asked me why.

Soon, I gave up the scholarship, even though it would have been helpful - the scholarship had too many strings.

Now, there is a lot I can say to fill in this story with details, however, there is an over-riding theme, and that is:

Success, Responsibility & Freedom - Sadhguru with Rodney Marsh

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Cuckoo for Kaku-Nuts!!!

The mathematical physicist is disconnected from reality.


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Abuse of Statistics - When does a Theory Fail? (Sleeping with the Fishes)

"Godfather Horse" with Last Fish Supper
In future posts I'm going to blog about reviewing the scientific literature for the criteria for the determination for new physics, the predictive precision of the theory, and various other metrics.

Really, what I am looking for is how does science determine the quality of a theory?  How well does observation match theory? Or theory match observation?

Once that is defined - how science uses sigma or other statistics to determine if new science is at play - we will then compare the way statistics is used in that case to the case how statistics are used for quality assurance in the semiconductor industry's high volume production flow well published 6 $\sigma$ program.

Really, what I am getting at is error analysis.  There is an entire combination of things that have to go into consideration when one is doing a TOTAL error analysis - all the way from the fundamental and simple absolute vs. relative measurement, and ground references, and measurement error, ""theoretical error"", PVT induced error, to other things most have never thought of...

Never a dull moment with...                                       

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Wizards Looking for #DarkMatter

The Wizards looking for dark matter: "Where am I?"
"Sometimes, I forget things.  Where am I?  Where is this darkmatter?"

#Darkmatter   #CERN   #LHC   #Wizard   #Wizards  
#DarkWizard  #HearthStone   #WoW   #Bozon  

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Proton - Proton Collision: A Crude Analogy (Smoke and Mirrors)

Vortex Ring Collision
The collision results of this is similar to smashing two protons together and "creating" new particles.  The resultant vortices of the red - blue smoke ring collision are analogous to the results of colliding two protons - pointing out that atoms really are not made of parts, simply stable persistent vibrations in the fabric of spacetime.

This little demo is to get one thinking about really what an atomic particle is, an atom.  The smallest / simplest atom being hydrogen, and an ionized hydrogen atom is the proton. It is only intended to show the proton is not made of pieces, it is simply a disturbance or vibration in the fabric of spacetime.

It is these protons that the #LHC collides.  The protons are behaving like little connected dynamic wormhole entangled vibrations in the fabric of spacetime, exchanging their information with the vacuum. This vibration in the fabric of spacetime is the proton, it is like these smoke rings, or like a vortex in the fabric of spacetime. (again, this is a VERY crude analogy to help make a point that works).

Since a persistent (stable) disturbance in the fabric of spacetime is what a proton is (see Proton Paper), that also is what matter is.  This is significant information and should be understood by anyone studying the unified physics.

The significance of this unified physics (simplified) model of the nature of matter, the proton, and the fabric of spacetime is it actually results in answers to the long unsolved physics problems.  We are going to use this simple model to get a better understanding of the super-fluid like quantum vacuum dynamic super-fluid-cool-bio-crystalline-plasma of the vacuum of spacetime and insight into high energy particle physics.

This smoke ring model's only intent is to show the atom or proton has no parts, it's indivisible, it's simply a persistent energetic vibration. 

What high energy particle physics is doing, at least the hadron collider, #LHC, is doing is accelerating two protons at very high speeds to collide with each other.

This is like taking two tornadoes and colliding them and taking pictures of all the little resultant vortex collisions and claiming a BIG discovery!

How would you like a piece of a tornado vortex collision named after you?

So, besides playing with smokes rings, #CERN #LHC is also making some lame claim about #DARKMATTER, and the dynamic we have been talking about and using to solve problems - the density of the vacuum of spacetime $D={6M\over\pi L^3}=T$ also explains dark matter and dark energy ( - adding consideration for the BlackWhole dynamic of the fabric of spacetime.

So, to get your mind off the decades of insanity, here's a Toroidal Vortex Animation with music:
Toroidal Vortex Animation Music

The following clip is very important. At 2:24 it goes over 3/4 levels of reality and it basically starts with the physical, objective, like the atom, it is the smallest piece of an element, and we all have experienced a handful of an element, like gold, copper, etc.  Then, it progresses towards things we have less physical experience with.  Sadhguru explains his viewpoint that is very helpful in understanding the nature of reality reality of nature:
Subatomic particles are in the realm of things we have not directly touched like we have touched the elements, which are huge collections of atoms.  Thus, subatomic particles may not even exist, they are simply like taking the speed off a car and calling it something different, or smashing a tornado into little transient pieces... ...and naming the pieces.

The only thing they've seen is the footprint of the #Higgs #Boson, however, #Bigfoot has never been found.

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Atoms and Subatomic Particles - The True Story

To talk about atoms and subatomic particles, we must first define the atom and the sub atomic particles.

Etymology of atom:


late 15th century: from Old French atome, via Latin from Greek atomos ‘indivisible,’ based on a- ‘not’ + temnein ‘to cut.’

What? By definition ITSELF the atom is indivisible.  What madness is this?  Even the Wikipedia entry for atom says it is the " smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element.[1] "
"In retrospect it is clear that serious consideration should have been given many years ago to the possibility that the atom is not constructed of “parts.” When the most strenuous efforts over a long period of years by the best minds in the scientific profession fail to clarify the properties of the hypothetical constituents of the atom, and finally lead in desperation to the conclusion that these entities have no definite properties and do not even “exist objectively,” mere common sense certainly calls for a thorough examination of the obvious possibility that they do not exist at all."  - Dewey B LARSON  (emphasis added by me)  <-- PROVES Dewey's quote ABOVE right here in this post!
#Atom   #Reality   #Unification   #UnifiedPhysics   #CERN   #LHC  

Now, who or what do we have here? Someone who was clearly thinking about what next and where we are going.  Dewey wrote about it while it was going on and was on the losing end of the debate which can be clearly seen by the sentiment in rational wiki:
"The theory is wrong in every detail, and is trivially proven so with simple and obvious experiments. This has, of course, not given its proponents the slightest pause."*

This leads me to start thinking like those behind the disconnected quantum worldview:
$${1\over0}=undefined, indivisible, not\;possible, leads\;to\;a\;contradiction$$
$$\lim_{\epsilon \to 0}{\delta\over\epsilon}=?^*$$
$$c=\lambda f$$
Higher and higher energies (E) imply a smaller and smaller wavelength ($\lambda$).
$$\lim_{\lambda\to 0}{1\over\lambda}\propto E\to\infty$$

In the limit, this is EXACTLY what #CERN #LHC is doing, pushing to HIGHE$T energy possible, to get the shortest wavelength to see the smallest pieces, smallest particles that they can produce in the lab. There is no end to this, it can go on forever finding deeper and smaller and newer "subatomic" "particles" or disturbances or vibrations in the fabric of the vacuum (spacetime).

They (they implies the hypothetical current mainstream Western scientists) have taken the (concept of the) atom and pushed it to high energies to break it apart and claim they still need higher energies to get more accurate results, and the higher the energy, the better.  There is no end to it, and it has not clarified the properties of the hypothetical constituents (subatomic particles) of the atom.

Science doesn't even have a handle on an atomic particle, the proton, let alone subatomic particles.

Drop Your Philosophies - Sadhguru
A step back and a serious look at the modern scientific practices is leading to some very Sirius concerns...

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