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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Atoms and Subatomic Particles - The True Story

To talk about atoms and subatomic particles, we must first define the atom and the sub atomic particles.

Etymology of atom:


late 15th century: from Old French atome, via Latin from Greek atomos ‘indivisible,’ based on a- ‘not’ + temnein ‘to cut.’

What? By definition ITSELF the atom is indivisible.  What madness is this?  Even the Wikipedia entry for atom says it is the " smallest constituent unit of ordinary matter that has the properties of a chemical element.[1] "
"In retrospect it is clear that serious consideration should have been given many years ago to the possibility that the atom is not constructed of “parts.” When the most strenuous efforts over a long period of years by the best minds in the scientific profession fail to clarify the properties of the hypothetical constituents of the atom, and finally lead in desperation to the conclusion that these entities have no definite properties and do not even “exist objectively,” mere common sense certainly calls for a thorough examination of the obvious possibility that they do not exist at all."  - Dewey B LARSON  (emphasis added by me)  <-- PROVES Dewey's quote ABOVE right here in this post!
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Now, who or what do we have here? Someone who was clearly thinking about what next and where we are going.  Dewey wrote about it while it was going on and was on the losing end of the debate which can be clearly seen by the sentiment in rational wiki:
"The theory is wrong in every detail, and is trivially proven so with simple and obvious experiments. This has, of course, not given its proponents the slightest pause."*

This leads me to start thinking like those behind the disconnected quantum worldview:
$${1\over0}=undefined, indivisible, not\;possible, leads\;to\;a\;contradiction$$
$$\lim_{\epsilon \to 0}{\delta\over\epsilon}=?^*$$
$$c=\lambda f$$
Higher and higher energies (E) imply a smaller and smaller wavelength ($\lambda$).
$$\lim_{\lambda\to 0}{1\over\lambda}\propto E\to\infty$$

In the limit, this is EXACTLY what #CERN #LHC is doing, pushing to HIGHE$T energy possible, to get the shortest wavelength to see the smallest pieces, smallest particles that they can produce in the lab. There is no end to this, it can go on forever finding deeper and smaller and newer "subatomic" "particles" or disturbances or vibrations in the fabric of the vacuum (spacetime).

They (they implies the hypothetical current mainstream Western scientists) have taken the (concept of the) atom and pushed it to high energies to break it apart and claim they still need higher energies to get more accurate results, and the higher the energy, the better.  There is no end to it, and it has not clarified the properties of the hypothetical constituents (subatomic particles) of the atom.

Science doesn't even have a handle on an atomic particle, the proton, let alone subatomic particles.

Drop Your Philosophies - Sadhguru
A step back and a serious look at the modern scientific practices is leading to some very Sirius concerns...

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