Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Proton - Proton Collision: A Crude Analogy (Smoke and Mirrors)

Vortex Ring Collision
The collision results of this is similar to smashing two protons together and "creating" new particles.  The resultant vortices of the red - blue smoke ring collision are analogous to the results of colliding two protons - pointing out that atoms really are not made of parts, simply stable persistent vibrations in the fabric of spacetime.

This little demo is to get one thinking about really what an atomic particle is, an atom.  The smallest / simplest atom being hydrogen, and an ionized hydrogen atom is the proton. It is only intended to show the proton is not made of pieces, it is simply a disturbance or vibration in the fabric of spacetime.

It is these protons that the #LHC collides.  The protons are behaving like little connected dynamic wormhole entangled vibrations in the fabric of spacetime, exchanging their information with the vacuum. This vibration in the fabric of spacetime is the proton, it is like these smoke rings, or like a vortex in the fabric of spacetime. (again, this is a VERY crude analogy to help make a point that works).

Since a persistent (stable) disturbance in the fabric of spacetime is what a proton is (see Proton Paper), that also is what matter is.  This is significant information and should be understood by anyone studying the unified physics.

The significance of this unified physics (simplified) model of the nature of matter, the proton, and the fabric of spacetime is it actually results in answers to the long unsolved physics problems.  We are going to use this simple model to get a better understanding of the super-fluid like quantum vacuum dynamic super-fluid-cool-bio-crystalline-plasma of the vacuum of spacetime and insight into high energy particle physics.

This smoke ring model's only intent is to show the atom or proton has no parts, it's indivisible, it's simply a persistent energetic vibration. 

What high energy particle physics is doing, at least the hadron collider, #LHC, is doing is accelerating two protons at very high speeds to collide with each other.

This is like taking two tornadoes and colliding them and taking pictures of all the little resultant vortex collisions and claiming a BIG discovery!

How would you like a piece of a tornado vortex collision named after you?

So, besides playing with smokes rings, #CERN #LHC is also making some lame claim about #DARKMATTER, and the dynamic we have been talking about and using to solve problems - the density of the vacuum of spacetime $D={6M\over\pi L^3}=T$ also explains dark matter and dark energy (http://hiup.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/torque_paper.pdf) - adding consideration for the BlackWhole dynamic of the fabric of spacetime.

So, to get your mind off the decades of insanity, here's a Toroidal Vortex Animation with music:
Toroidal Vortex Animation Music

The following clip is very important. At 2:24 it goes over 3/4 levels of reality and it basically starts with the physical, objective, like the atom, it is the smallest piece of an element, and we all have experienced a handful of an element, like gold, copper, etc.  Then, it progresses towards things we have less physical experience with.  Sadhguru explains his viewpoint that is very helpful in understanding the nature of reality reality of nature:
Subatomic particles are in the realm of things we have not directly touched like we have touched the elements, which are huge collections of atoms.  Thus, subatomic particles may not even exist, they are simply like taking the speed off a car and calling it something different, or smashing a tornado into little transient pieces... ...and naming the pieces.

The only thing they've seen is the footprint of the #Higgs #Boson, however, #Bigfoot has never been found.

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