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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Derivation of MpRp=4LM #7

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A side thing to think about while reading this blog:
Civilization now revolves around economic desires
 rather than awareness and consciousness

Links to the holographic principle of physics: 
(as well as a principle known as the correspondence theorem, which demonstrates the equivalence of 4D (spacetime) black holes to quantum entangled systems described in higher dimensions (another application of the holographic correspondence in physics):

The final resolution to the derivation of the proton radius.mass relationship depends upon the $2\eta \over R$ term of:
$$m_p={2\eta \over R}m_\ell$$
$\eta={A\over A_{\ell c}}$ <-- information theory argument (holographic principle and correspondence theorem - 4D spacetime can be represented on a 2D surface area of a black hole

$R={V\over V_{\ell c}}$ <-- simple geometric argument

Where A is the surface area of the proton, and V is the volume of the proton.

...or more specifically, the $\eta$ term.  Again, from earlier posts,
As mentioned in an earlier post, $\eta$ and $R$ are large number ratios that were mentioned by early theorists as "items" of interest.  Indeed, these large number ratios and Fibonacci/phi ratios (phi, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 20, ...) and Platonic geomtries are significant in the development of the unified theory.

These links above, provide supporting information for the derivation of the eta term.  Besides these arguments, a high-level review of the thinking that leads up to this work clearly indicates the predictive quality of this theory - an accuracy of the theory ALL THE WAY DOWN TO THE PLANCK scale.  And this theory is way more encompassing than these simple black hole and proton calculations.

So, in summary,
Algebraic Form:
$M_P=$ Mass of proton
$R_P=$ Radius of proton
$L=$ Planck Length
$M=$ Planck Mass

Geometric Form (Information Theory - IT):
$$m_p={2\eta \over R}m_\ell$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$\eta=$ ratio of proton surface area to equatorial cross-sectional area of Planck Spherical Unit (PSU)
$R=$ ratio of volume of proton to volume of PSU
$m_\ell=$ Planck mass

Clearly* the physics theory and approach outlined matches the data better than the mainstream theory matches the data on not only this proton radius problem, but also the approach works for MANY of the unsolved physics problems.  It is just a matter of time for the mainstream to catch up or be left behind.

There is a lot more than one can say about these equations, however, the focus to complete this work also requires some different thinking:
David Frawley in his book Gods, Sages and Kings which deals with the Vedic culture in general but also covers the Seven Sages, proposed the highly intriguing idea that:
  • civilization back then did not revolve around economic desires and values,
  •  but rather was ruled by the spiritual, and by a spiritual awareness and a harmony with the One, with nature, and with the cosmos.
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