Sunday, August 23, 2015

Avogadro Constant Calculated - New Equation with Muonic Hydrogen Proton Radius

Using Haramein's proton radius equation (the one that predicted the muonic hydrogen proton radius) and the equation we derived in this blog for $\mu={m_p\over m_e}$, we can derived an expression for Avogadro's Constant which is even more accurate than the mainstream value:
$$N_A={A_r(e)M_u\over m_e}$$
$$N_A={{A_r(e)M_u\alpha^2}\over{4\pi\ell m_{\ell}R_\infty}}$$
$$N_A={{A_r(e)M_u\alpha^2}\over{\pi r_pm_pR_\infty}}$$
$m_p=$ mass of proton
$m_e=$ mass of electron
$R_\infty=R_H=$ Rydberg Constant
$\ell=$ Planck length
$m_\ell=$ Planck mass

$N_A(new)=6.02214129 \dots \;\;\; \times10^{23}\;per\;mole$
$N_A(old)\;\:=6.022140857(74) \times 10^{23}\;per\;mole$

The Surfer, OM-IV

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