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My Favorite Physicist - Richard Feynman - QED

United States Postal ServiceThe iconic 20th century physicist Richard Feynman invented a method for calculating probabilities of particle interactions using depictions of all the different ways an interaction could occur. Examples of “Feynman diagrams” were included on a 2005 postage stamp honoring Feynman.

Richard Feynman is my favorite physicist (living: Susskind).  There is A LOT to learn from Richard Feynman.  There's a few things he is known for, and he is definitely a helper and a logical positivist.

The cargo cult science concept and many other ideas he wrote about and talked about help to elucidate much of the physical, technical world.

Where we can learn most from Feynman, after knowing how to solve every problem that has ever been solved, is from where he failed, from where he was most ineffective EVEN considering his great intellect, position(s), etc.  He failed in getting school books improved and failed at making any great strides in biology.

Those two areas alone could be written serious chapters in the history of the development of the unified physics. 

This leads to two questions: 
  1. Who are today's cargo cult scientists?
  2. What books are used in education today?

A Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics

There's much more one could say about Feynman, however, the main point here is that Feynman hit certain walls, certain walls of resistance he wrote about in his books and pointed out in his many quotes (  Even Feynman was uncomfortable with the direction physics was taking.  The writing is on the wall.

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