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Monday, June 22, 2015

Final Solution for Proton and Electron - Schrödinger's Wave Equation

...for Complete Solution for Proton and Electron - Schrödinger's Wave Equation

Phase conjugate solutions to Schrödinger's Wave Equations are what is produced and the electron and proton are the opposite phases (180 degrees out of phase).  This is the standard method of solving these types of equations, and as in Quantum Field Theory (QFT) it is well known about the dagger notation of an operation to get a measurement, for example, a real result or a measurement is always a matrix product of two phase conjugate(dagger conjugate), spacetime (k-momentum space, time), thus any real manifestation will be the result of this type of product conjugate.

And of course complex conjugates are used in Maxwell's equations. I use complex conjugates all the time in my electrical engineering work.   Because Maxwell is always lurking in the background.  We will add more on our march for a complete theory and description.

These solutions will be just like Dan Winter's phase-conjugate solutions.

And The Electric Universe People are correct with their solutions as well... ...this is a unification theory, oneness.

Mark Eric Rohrbaugh and Lyz Starwalker
©2015 Mark Eric Rohrbaugh ©2015 Lyz Starwalker