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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Unified Physics Snatches Pebble from Mainstream Master

The proton to electron mass ratio: $$\mu={m_p\over m_e}= {\alpha^2\over \pi r_pR_H}=1836.15267\;\;\leftarrow\;significant!!!$$
& the Planck mass to electron mass ratio: 
$${m_{\ell}\over m_e}={\alpha^2\over{4\pi\ell R_H}}=2.3893048e+22$$
using $$m_pr_p=4\ell m_{\ell}=r_em_e\;where\;r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_H}$$

$\alpha=$ fine-structure constant
$r_p=$ proton radius
$R_H=$ Rydberg constant
$r_e={\alpha^2\over\pi R_H}=$ will define this term later (effective radius??? atomic radius?)
$\ell=$ Planck $\ell$ength

This is significant proof that Nassim Haramein's proton radius solution IS correct as it works in harmony with mainstream solutions to solve for natural dimensionless constants that have never before been analytically determined (except for the Rydberg constant, $R_H$).  
(see previous post on proton-electron mass ratio and Planck mass to electron mass ratio for Google calculator links for ratio calculations)
The Surfer, OM-IV