Monday, March 23, 2015

Pulling a Hare out of your Haramein Hat (Preview: Derivation MpRp=4LM #4)

Hot on the trail of that pesky wabbit, Giordan and Dutchess.

Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, this HUGE value of T, T=M/V (M is Planck Mass, V is Planck Spherical Volume), means anything is possible.  Think resolution to the vacuum catastrophe, however, we will save that for another post. I work a full time job and don't yet have the billions to continue my research...  ;-) , so will will do it the old fashioned honest way, step by step.

T is the empty vacuum energy density. It's value is so very huge, 1cc being 39 orders of magnitude greater than the mass (energy) of the observable universe, that we are living inside an event horizon. We are resonant bio-beings oscillating in and out of the vacuum.  This means, via Einstein's Field Equations and other considerations, we are wormhole connected to the entire observable universe.

I am emphasizing this BEFORE finishing the derivation of MpRp=4LM so one realizes apriori that NOT ONLY are answers generated to the long unsolved physics problems using the Rauscher-Haramein approach, BUT ALSO opens up a whole new world and requires a whole new worldview and different thinking.

Watch for Bohm on worldviews... @11:20  

So, before we see how Haramein pulled the Hare out of his Hat, bone up on your black hole and information theory knowledge so we can avoid any paradoxes!

The Surfer, OM-IV


  1. Black Holes and Information | Gary Gibbons

  2. it takes quite a few hours of investment of time to review all pertinent materials before moving on o the next step.


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