Sunday, February 4, 2018

Solid-State Electronics - Device Designer

 Some say solid-state electronics, microchips, came from UFO crashes.  There is also a storyline that ties the development of solid-state electronics to the development of quantum mechanics and radio and physics and electronic components.

Some of the earliest detectors were diode detectors made of the cat whisker components.  Two dissimilar metals or material (crystals) can be doped or naturally have a tendencies for mixed with other nano materials, to create a p or n type material, and the junction of a p-type and n-type material is a diode  (3-5 vs 4).

So, in the 80s, the holy grail of the device researchers was the blue diode, the blue laser diode.  Now they even have purple.

Memsistor was the supposed missing 4th element.

So, why does is seem all so static, all so controled?

NSF grant to develop 5G and phase array antenna or micro array antennas...??? when anyone could do it???  WTF???  Corporate fascism is beign exposed...  the micro-code and companion co-processors riding above are really not so invisible....

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The Surfer, OM-IV
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The Surfer, OM-IV


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