Saturday, April 11, 2015

Demystifying the Higgs Snow Job (Defining the Problem)

Prof. Matt Strassler disagrees with Prof. Susskind:

The ONE thing to look out for is this decay time from the Higgs to the gamma rays that the detector detects.

This is the key thing about the triangle-reaction: 
p - protons
g- gluons
t - quarks
H - Higgs Bozon (an excitement in the - - - Higgs Field - - -)
$\gamma$ - gamma rays (electromagnetic radiation, LIGHT)
So, if you follow this VERY closely, and see how much more complex a Higgs characterization is as compared to the proton radius measurement (using same theory, math, standard model), there is SERIOUS trouble ahead for the standard model.  Sirius Trouble...

The Surfer, OM-IV

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  1. added Prof Matt Strassler's stuff. Why? hmmmm..... considering we are One, perhaps a little WAKE UP call is in order.


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