Thursday, April 2, 2015

Slashing Through Equations Like a Ninja

Joshua Tree Retreat Center Ripple Resonance Pool

Like a ninja, one can hack and slash his way through the equations once the fundamental principles of the unified field theory (unified physics) are not only understood, but comprehended - with pre-knowledge.  This comprehension is significant, as is apparent in certain tasks where actual practice is required to master. Thus, pre-knowledge might be only achieved via experience. Like flying a plane, book learning ain't enough for mastery. One becomes a master by being, and by that then one can do if one so chooses.

Connection to the source and the Oneness implied by $T=D={M_P \over V_P}$ is all that is truly needed.  Have you ever noticed for nearly every major human technological development, more than one person has come up with the same idea?  This can be somewhat explained by the fact that possibly people are aware of what problems need to be addressed and are simultaneously addressing those problems. It can also be explained by a connection we all share with our information being exchanged in and out of the vacuum.  Our consciousness emanates from the vacuum and our brains/bodies are like receivers. Just like you won't find the announcer inside the radio, you won't find that key thing, which is your consciousness, inside of your body.

Our consciousness is a resonance, a standing wave complex pattern in the fabric of spacetime.  Like the information carried within the ripples in a pond, your consciousness ripples through the Universe.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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