Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quantum Entanglement - QE - Another Key (or "Spooky Action at a Distance")

Entangled Mesquite Tree

EPR_paper, a famous paper, is one of the first papers of Einstein's I recall being able to read and understand a point where Einstein was wrong, and Einstein got a lot of things wrong, like the rest of us, however, his theories continue to work to this day making our GPS system possible and much more.  Much much more is possible with an extension of Einstein's general theory of relativity as Elizabeth Rauscher and Nassim Haramein have done.

I didn't know Einstein was wrong in that famous paper, and his argument about "Spooky Action at a Distance" was flawed thinking, I was informed he was wrong by the work of many, however, more specifically by

  1. Bell's Inequality 1964  (Bell's Theorem)
  2. Shor's Algorithm 1994
  3. Many QE experiments
  4. Quantum Computer R & D (D-Wave etc)
The reason I mention quantum entanglement as another key is that considering Nature truly behaves in a quantum entangled way, it implies SOMETHING happens at a speed faster than light.

The mere fact that SOMETHING happens faster than the speed of light opens up the door for other possibilities that were and are not considered in a universe with a speed limit of  the speed of light, c.

Thus, quantum entanglement is a key phenomena to understand in our effort to comprehend the way Nature truly behaves.

The mainstream TV physicists might be able to claim they were very sick men, like Master Moe says in "Idiots Deluxe" - 1945.

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