Sunday, April 12, 2015

Rational Wiki Talk Page - Nassim Haramein - Sirius Science #2

The Dogon Nommo connection.  This is what is implied by "Sirius Science".  Look for yourself into the Dogon Nommo mystery. Revolutionary information. Rat Wiki.Rational wiki talk.

Not only is particle physics in the middle of a revolution, so is archeology, so is medicine and health, and biosciences, and consciousness, genetics, nearly every field is having a fundamental revolution.

You can find all the other revolutionary stuff using your own internet research discernment techniques.

A more useful thing is to have a list of useful YouTube Mainstream TV Scientists and TV Physicists
MR. Science

Stooge Science and Technology (SST)

The unlearning and relearning that's going to have to be done to fully comprehend the unified physics is awesome, yet doable once the awareness is there. So, watching some TV physicists and TV scientists, might as well go with the ones closer to reality experience.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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