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Another Preview to: Derivation of MpRp=4LM #7

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This is where we are going, to understand the derivation of:
$$m_p={2 \eta \over R}m_l$$
which is the geometric form of $M_PR_P=4LM$.

A side note, before we go into why the form of the equation is 2 times the inverse of the equation for black holes $({2\eta\over R} vs. {R\over\eta})$.  This part of the derivation is very important to be able to bridge the idea of using a floating piece of the fabric of spacetime to calculate the mass.radius relationship of black holes as well as a proton by understanding perspective: are we weighing the water in the ocean or outside of the ocean (weighing matter in the vacuum of space, or weighing a region of space)?

For a cosmological scale black hole, the black hole mass can be considered as floating in the quantum foam like super-fluid vacuum of spacetime dynamic proven by the Casimir effect and the dynamic Casimir effect, as we did in an earlier post.

I'm going to analyze detective style Nassim's proton paper and give a summary in Derivation of MpRp=4LM #7 of the argument for these simple coefficients. The argument is deeply connected to the argument Leonard Susskind won against the Dark Lord Stephen Hawking about the information conservation and black holes that resulted in this holographic 3D spacetime being painted onto a 2D surface of a black hole kinda holofractalgraphic sort of thing.  Considering the theory behind this IS mainstream Einstein and Planck and all the greats, and it results in such simple and elegant form, just as Einstein, Feynman  and others used to say, simple geometric beauty in fundamental Planck units.
$$R={V\over V_l}$$
$$\eta={A\over A_{eq}}$$

Lecture 4 | New Revolutions in Particle Physics: Basic Concepts

The simplest (k=1?) scalar field in quantum field theory can be represented mathematically by:
$$\Psi=\sum_k  e^{+i k x}e^{-i \omega t}$$
$$\Psi^\dagger =\sum_k  e^{-i k x}e^{+i \omega t}$$
using Susskind's dagger $\dagger$ notation, and these represent the wave functions of the field of quantum field theory and certain sums can be considered to be a traveling wave or group wave with a group velocity and that can represent a type of moving particle.  And, the simplest form that is a solution to the equations is what is called a scalar field, and it turns out that the Higgs field is also a scalar field.
Higgs references:
"In the Standard Model, the Higgs particle is a boson with no spinelectric charge, or colour charge. It is also very unstable, decaying into other particles almost immediately. It is a quantum excitation of one of the four components of the Higgs field. The latter constitutes a scalar field"

I mention this, because the Higgs field, being a scalar field, can be represented by this:
$$\Psi=e^{+i k x}e^{-i \omega t}$$
$$\Psi^\dagger =e^{-i k x}e^{+i \omega t}$$

Looks very similar to phasor math.
"It is time for answers!"

Anyway, any way you look at it, this Higgs field implies an energy the permeates the entire fabric of spacetime in all directions.  This implies a sort of Aether.  The Planck scale quantum foam that is the bio crystalline fabric of spacetime is this new super-fluid Aether (super-fluid implying it conserves information).

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  1. It is more of an energetic disturbance in the fabric of spacetime, not just floating in it. The black hole is like a dual-toroidal tornado in the fabric of spacetime or of the fabric of space time.

  2. Vortex is probably better than tornado... analogies are very limiting....

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