Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Master Moe of The Three Stooges

Now, for a little relaxing and enlightening entertainment from the masters themselves:
This animated GIF shows how things work in the mainstream.  Basically, fear, power, control, and a lot of slapstick.

Below are a few Moe Rage Three Stooges clips. It helps to get perspective.  There's a lot more sense in The Stooges and Warner Bros, Looney Tunes and all that than the way modern dogmatic science works.  It's simply the way things are for now until a little more enlightenment and awakening occurs.

Moe Rage Part #1

Moe Rage Part #2

Moe Rage Part #3

It's all good.  Love, compassion, patience, and other virtues come through even with all the slapstick. There is hope.

Considering Nassim Haramein and team have put 30+ years of effort into this and how useful the approach is - a simple proper extension to Einstein's Field Equations, and it has been missed by the majority of mainstream AND CERN actually disinvited Haramein form speaking.  WoW!  It is CERN's loss, a most embarrassing loss, as there is no way for them to erase their ignorance. Likewise for a large majority of the arrogant so called mainstream TV physicists and certain university professors and the like. Whoever is driving them must be like the big Ogre in the top animated gif of Master Moe whacking and getting whacked - for every action, there is a re-action!

The Surfer, OM-IV

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