Sunday, April 5, 2015

Proton Radius Puzzle #2

"This proton problem is $serious$!!!", Howard the Duck.

Why is the proton problem serious, and how serious is it?

This is significant because if the detailed theory that was used to come up with the refined measurement for the proton CODATA is truly off by 4%, and they are only analyzing one proton, then the theory and math that they use to explain the collision of TWO protons is likely way off as well.  How can a theory not work for ONE proton and be expected to work for TWO?

It has even further implications.  If the theory fails to predict the proton mass.radius relationship, then likely it is failing elsewhere, like, in the detection of the Higgs boson.  The Higgs boson still has to stand up to scrutiny.  The decay rates or decay times from the Higgs boson to the quarks to the gamma rays that are then detected by the detector, these decay rates are precisely what the theory excels in, and if these decay rates do not match up, a new particle, new physics, or something is up.

And that likely something is that what Nassim Haramein has been saying is correct.

Again, I repeat, it is likely that what Nassim Haramein has been saying FOR DECADES NOW is VERY likely correct, with emphasis on the VERY.

So, as you can see, billions of dollars are on the line, thousands of reputations, generations of minds, all on the line, focusing on one single man: Nassim Haramein.  

It ain't just about physics...

The Surfer, OM-IV

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