Sunday, April 12, 2015

Black Holes- Hawking Holes - What are they?

Looks like Hawking's about to get painted onto a 2D Surface Area $A_s$ of a Hawking Hole!

An incomplete theory, such as modern cosmology (The Big Bang Theory, The Standard Candle) and The Standard Model for the quantum world, leads to unusual propositions and vulgar conclusions.

"Hawking Holes", or the usual "black hole" is only part of the story. Recent findings have been proving Nassim Haramein's insightful research into the true behavior of Nature:

A lot more comes out of the black hole than Hawking radiation.  The true behavior of Nature is total conservation of information, conservation of total mass and energy and all information - nothing is lost.

Both of these papers provide and alternate view, that of a black hole - white hole dynamic

Using standard techniques, Nassim and team have answered the fundamental questions that now allow universal insight into understanding the behavior of nature.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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  1. Notice the beauty of the unified theory, the beauty of nature shines!


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