Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Oracle Precision Physics Constant Generator #2

First results are in from The Oracle Precision Physics Constant Generator (TOP-PCG)!
(BETA version  ⟱ The Oracle Says!!)
$\alpha=7.2973525664(17)\times10^{-3}$ <~~~~~ CODATA
$\alpha=7.2973525664(17084)\times10^{-3}$  <~~ TOP_PCG

$m_e=9.10938356(11)\times10^{-31}kg$ <~~~~~~~ CODATA
$m_e=9.10938356(0899034)\times10^{-31}kg$ <~~ TOP_PCG

$r_p=8.4123564\times10^{-16}m$ <~~~~~~~~~ Muonic Hydrogen Proton Radius seed data
$r_p=8.41235640479985\times10^{-16}m$ <~~ TOP_PCG

$R_H=10973731.568508(65)m^{-1}$ <~~ CODATA
$R_H=10973731.568508(30)m^{-1}$   <~~ TOP_PCG*

$m_p=1.672621898(21)\times10^{-27}kg$ <~~~~ CODATA
$m_p=1.672621898(209999)\times10^{-27}kg$ <~~ TOP_PCG

Proton to Electron Mass Ratio = 1836.1526738093817  <~~ TOP_PCG

The above coefficients go into this equation to calculate pi to 15 decimal places:
$$\pi={{\alpha^2 m_e}\over{r_pR_Hm_p}}$$
$m_pr_p={2h\over{\pi c}}=4\ell m_{\ell}\;(Haramein's\;Equation)$
$h=$ Planck's constant
$c=$ Speed of light

This is all for now.  Will update when new results available.  Simple numerical methods are used. More details later and maybe a copy of the basic program...  ;-)

* The version of basic used only allows pi to 16 digits, therefore, this final bit may be in need of refinement.  Will be using higher precision program as the basic was just to blast through the ideas.

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