Thursday, November 16, 2017

FailUre Analysis - Error Analysis, Using the Rydberg Constant


"Modern" papers on The Balmer Series experiment give great insight into the thinking that goes behind a major error in physics for around 70-100 years, AND, more significantly, the ENTIRE history of the measurement of the Rydberg constant, THE MOST precisely measured physics constant, or among the most precisely measured, gives us a great tool to compare the actual behavior of the proton with the spectral lines of the hydrogen atom (and the error of the mainstreamers).

You see, because the mainstream does not have a reference, (i.e., the units and masses are not defined, and more implied), and everything must be verified by measurement in "modern" "science", now, having the proton as a reference (assuming we are 100% correct with the proton radius and the multidimensional roots of the polynomial), THEN, the precise nature of our analysis can be used as a tool to dissect the error of the mainstream.  Their arrogance has made this a simple job.  They have provide much material bragging of their success. This is part of their downfall.  They have documented it, in history, for themselves, and all, to see.


The Surfer, OM-IV

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