Wednesday, November 22, 2017

On the Stability of the Proton

If the proton is a packed vortex in the super fluid like aether, and it is this condensed light that is trapped in the black hole like interior of the proton, this black hole like density of the proton implies a charge, and a charge in motion, since the vacuum is polarizable - it is a sea of balanced energy, balanced charge, and gradients cause polarization (charge) as well as mass, energy. (Balanced if you consider that it seems that the creation of a proton implies an "electron" to balance the charge, because the total charge should be zero.  The creation, from the vacuum (0 charge, neutral) of a proton, +1 charge, implies the creation of a negative charge which we call the electron.  This is part of our idea of dealing with and analyzing the whole.

This super fluid aether is then a sea of these PSUs as we have discussed earlier in the blog, and this super fluid might be best thought of as a sea of EM energy.  Or just call them Plancks, or little spheres, PSUs, but it is probably best to leave it undefined until a better definition or more precise is found.

So, anyway, if this is basically what is happening, then the proton is like a vibration in this aether of a certain form, and it's likely a dual toroidal spherical magnetic dipole type of shape (or spherical), but since it's like a black hole, it's just a continuous flow, stable, persistent.  Does not decay unless the environment does. Or it could even be a cymatic type vibration in this super fluid aether.

An analogy would be that the blackhole is like an infinite sink, a bi-directional/dual sink of aether flow, as well as a source, since things are in balance, and that super fluid flow is like a vortex, and once flowing, that vortex will not stop until the drain is empty, however, the Universe is very full and a small proton has no hope of ever emptying the Universe, thus the question really doesn't even make sense when the true picture of Nature is understood.  It would require an anti-proton AND allowing the excess energy to escape (gamma photon) to restore the vacuum to neutral and undisturbed.

The polarizable nature of the vacuum has been detected/presented recently in certain scientific papers, and supports this idea of the polariazble aether.  

There is likely a way to formalized this, and by bringing the aether concept back, the resolution to the proton lifetime seems obvious.

(thinking out loud while I have the time)
more later,

The Surfer, OM-IV

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