Monday, November 27, 2017

QFT - Quantum Field Theory - Effective Field Theories

Quantum field theory is an effective field theory, which is an approximation.  It uses the Hamiltonian with the reduced mass concept, so, clearly is an approximation.

The diagram above, a Feynman diagram is a way to diagrammatically show particle interactions - it's a way of encoding the equations or interactions (pictorial representations of the mathematical expressions - in this reduced mass or reductionist theory). 

Anyway, all of these field theories that make up QFT are these various effective field theories (QED, QCD) all of which are approximations.  These are experimental fields, empirical sciences, empirical theories.  

A collection of ideas, such as Tom Campbell's big TOE is more likely reality.

It, however, does not matter what mainstream science does, for it will be snatched from their hands, because consciousness is where it's going.  No matter what, consciousness, the key, will emerge as a significant aspect of scientific inquiry, and the next theories will emerge making this materialistic era look like nonsense.

It really doesn't take much of an argument to see what is going on and why these reductionist/isolationist ideas end in so many paradoxes, puzzles, and unsolved mysteries.  Simply examine the error term, which is firmly set by the reduced mass assumption, that allows these "theories" to be formulated in such a way as to design experiments.  

And nearly all of the experiments work and agree with the theory, except there are cracks, paradoxes, proton radius puzzles, and many other problems appearing (dark matter, dark energy from a related field) that are not adequately addressed and the theory cannot explain. Those are the things that come along with the approximation!  Look at the error term! It's negative! No wonder all kinds of craziness and unusual prediction/talk comes out of these effective field theory fields.  (reduced mass, $m_r$ is less than either the proton or electron mass, so they claim an 
$$m_r\ll m_p$$
"effective mass" of some mythical particle, $m_r$, behaves like the electron (this is the bad assumption, assuming $m_r{\color{red}\equiv}m_e$ IS the electron, however, experimentally, it looks like the electron).  The electron is but a wisp, or vortex in the aether, one that dances with its partner the proton.  

All we know for sure is the atom (elements). All ordinary matter are made of atoms which we think  are made of protons, neutrons, and electrons.  The protons are stable dual-toroidal like vortexes in the aether, 1836.15267 time the mass of the electron.  So, while the electron and its dynamics account for the large majority of interactions, these reductionist effective field theories are simply technological fields, not equipped to handle the fundamental investigation into the question of what is matter.  However, key thing is that the data from those experiments is useful in moving along to the true behavior of Nature.

They are all approximations.

Yet these theories are VERY accurate for what they were intended.  

So what is matter?  That is the question.  And all of the data from these experimental sciences can be used as data points, as they were intended, to piece together the bigger picture of what is matter.

So the apparent insanity serves a purpose for those with eyes to see.

(oh, and with mathematical insight.  If this 8D polynomial truly is a way to determine the masses and constants, well, then, once that is proven, simply move on to the next step of solving the problem.  No reason to wait for the idiots wasting billions of dollars while consuming humanity and Nature in the process).

The Surfer, OM-IV

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