Saturday, August 6, 2016


FYI:  #ColdFusion #LENR is for real.  This "new" effect has been suppressed by the "mainstream".

The mainstream scientist can't explain how it works because it requires the new physics to understand how it works.  (Nassim Haramein's theory combined with Dan Winter's optimization).

This technology is useful, however, there other other ZPE devices possible in the framework of the new physics that the mainstream is ignoring.

(the new physics is almost the same as the old mainstream physics, it simply requires a few new basic "assumptions" that connect everything - the big and the small)

It is a #transmutation process #Alchemy is for real. #Newton.


For a mainstream scientist to quickly see how the "threshold" of the reaction can be attained, consider phonons, phononic vibrations shaking the matrix, and the density of the matrix is the aether, with a density of the Planck mass to the Planck Spherical Units volume (PSU) which is VERY HIGH DENSITY of ENERGY per volume, so a little shaking goes along way interacting with the catalytic like doping layers that assist the Hydrogen transmutation to He, as well as other transmutations.

It's ideas like this that power James Gilliland's ships.

The Surfer, OM-IV

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