Friday, July 29, 2016

Additional Notes on Full Derivation of Proton to Electron Mass Ratio

The derivation used a combination of this approach I've outlined by inspecting Maxwell's and Schrodinger's equations AND as I mentioned in later posts, a mathematical approach:

All that combined, then one can reproduce all the steps. And if I recall correctly, the equations really behind this are Maxwell's equations with a modification I made to examine both proton and electron, thus, in my opinion, the Electric Universe Theory is key to be included with the new unified physics.

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Oh, yes, and VERY BIG NEWS!!! To be reported on by the end of this year.  Nassim Haramein has applied his technique to the electron AND GETS VERY ACCURATE ANSWERS that agree with electron mass measurements.  He also mentioned the eso-teric proton to electron mass ratio equation, consciouness, and a lot more.  His papers and analysis will be made available later this year according to the Live with Nassim talk at about 1 hour into the video (Resonace Academy members only - link at side of blog for those interested and I get a percentage to help support this blog).

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